Vintage Scares #16: Even More Public Service Announcements from Hell

Back in 2008, I discussed some rather creepy public service announcements; the greatest of all time is easily  Dark and Lonely Water featuring the eerie narration of Donald Pleasence - a must watch. Part II to this post can be found here.  And now here's a few more PSAs to chill your blood.

This first one warns against talking to strangers - harmless enough.... but it's done in a darkened puppet theater! If that wasn't creepy enough, there's a myserious pervert lurking among the young audience.

Note: I am annoyed that whoever brought this video to us saw fit to ruin it with a watermark.  It wasn't his to begin with - so, what's the point?

Evidently, there was a lot to be afraid of in the 1970s UK: escalators will crush little children, polishing a floor will kill your husband, and running for a bus will turn you into roadkill...

If the idea of The Grime Reaper going bowling doesn't sound creepy, think again.  This AIDS PSA from Australia evokes some extremely horrorific imagery.

This last one is the worst of them all. Okay, it's not a PSA, but it needs to be seen nonetheless. It's a commercial for Kinder Surprise, but it looks more like a twisted nightmare.  Caution: It will haunt your dreams.


  1. All dark, but that last one... WHAT THE ???

  2. Thanks for the nightmare fuel, Gilligan!

  3. I'm going to be really careful when I'm running for my bus after work today, I don't want some female passenger in a fancy hat seeing my mangled corpse in the street and shaking her head quietly--"Dear me, what a pity..."

    Loved all those grim reapers in the aussie-ad, our American stuff is namby-pamby in comparison!

  4. I used to eat those chocolate kinder eggs as a little kid when I lived in Austria. That brought back some memories. I don't ever remember seeing the freaky humpdy dumpdy troll guy though.

  5. That's a creepy ad, but Kinder chocolate sure is tasty!

  6. Whats creepy is the way women constantly blind themselves and everyone else to reality everytime they see or hear what a man says to them. They never apologize for it.