Vintage Scares #20: Horror Video Games

Before Resident Evil and Silent Hill, back when video game graphics barely a step above Pong, there were horror games.  The best of them all is easily Castlevania, but there were a slew of others... many of which I don't, for the life of me, remember. Anyone out there play Cauldron, "one of THE games of 1985"?

Imagine playing the Friday the 13th game on your new Commodore 64.  Something tells me the movie loses something in CGA graphics and a midi soundtrack.

Okay, I can forgive them for the shitty graphics - the technology just wasn't there yet.  But the shitty airbrushing is beyond unforgivable.

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This may be my favorite horror video game advert; I'm a sucker for comic book style ads.


  1. I don't remember Cauldron... Loved Splatterhouse though.

  2. What, no "Chiller?!" That sorry shooter was one of the earliest (and one of the most sadistic) horror-themed games out there:


  3. I remember the ad for Splatterhouse. What about Atari's Haunted House. I remember a mid-80's arcade game called Crossbow where you had this band of D&D looking adventures and you had to use the physical crossbow to shoot monsters and creatures that tried to pick off your friends. One screen was like a whole haunted village with a huge assortment of monsters trying to attack your friends.

  4. Nice post!
    I had done a quick write-up on Cauldron (because it's Halloween-related, but I never played it or remember it).

    Curious to check out some game footage of the Friday the 13th game. No idea that existed!

  5. Ghost N Goblins is a classic ...

    Also, Commodore 64 didn't have "CGA graphics". ;)