The Boob Tube #20: TV Shows that Time Forgot (B)

Time for a second round of shows that hardly anyone remembers - this time ones that start with "B".  Ball Four, Big John Little John, and The Bob Crane Show certainly desrve mention as shortlived duds in the "B" category, but the next three shows are the ones that interest me most... 

Bridget Loves Bernie (1972)

It's about a Jewish cab driver (David Birney) who marries a wealthy Catholic girl (Meredith Baxter).
Sounds very Dharma & Greg-ish to me.  The only reason I'd ever watch this is to see Elise Keaton back before she added "Birney" to her name.

This show has the distinction of being the highest rated series ever cancelled by any American network. It actually performed better than Mary Tyler Moore before it was canned!  Many believe it was cut because of complaints about the Jewish-Catholic thing.  That was a no-no.

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1973)

It's amazing that they ever tried to make a TV show based on a movie about two unmarried couples living together and sleeping with each other's spouses.  They toned it down for television audiences, but was abruptly cancelled.... not due to its risque nature, but due to it being horrible.

FYI - Jodie Foster played their kid.

Big Eddie (1975)

This one lasted a whopping ten episodes.  Big Eddie is trying to get past his gambling past and establish a relationship with his ex-stripper wife, Honey, and their granddaughter.

Sharee North played Honey; she also played Kramer's mom on Seinfeld - the first to announce his first name "Cosmo". The granddaughter, played by Quinn Cummings, is now co-owner of the Hip Hugger baby carrier business


  1. I remember "Bridget Loves Bernie" because one of my elementary school classroom libraries had this:


  2. Heard of Bridget Loves Bernie, but that is it. Cool post!

  3. BLB did lose a large chunk of the ALL IN THE FAMILY audience, which didn't help MTM, but the rumors have certainly circulated that CBS head William Paley was pressured by family and friends. I have the misfortune to remember all three shows, though BLB was the least bad of the three. BIG EDDIE really bit.

  4. Paul W. Fairman wrote some of the most perfunctory fiction of the last century, frequently in circumstances such as cheap tie-ins to tv shows, or ghosting YA sf novels for Lester del Rey (who, when not blocked, was a much better writer). He also was involved editorially with a number of magazines, often as their worst editor (because he just didn't care).

  5. Wow! I vaguely remember Bridge Loves Bernie because my mom loved the show, but have no recollection of those other shows. Guess if you blinked...you missed them.

  6. To Will Erickson:
    Tha book is quite a find. I myself collect movie and tv tie-in books and that one is rare indeed.
    To Gilligan:
    "Shows that time forgot" is a great title! I really look forward to seeing more posts with this theme. Even though I never heard of (much less saw) any of the three shows mentioned.

  7. Back in the day several friends came over to my house every Sunday to watch the Sunday night line-up, starting with All in the Family, and including MTM and I think at different times MASH and Bob Newhart. When Bridget Loves Bernie came on, we turned off the sound and played records for that half-hour. I don't remember being aware the Catholic-Jewish thing, but then we weren't aware of a lot of things during those evenings. Anyway, the point is, for us BLB just wasn't that good compared to the rest of the line-up.

  8. Awesome find, Will. Love to get a hold of that piece of crap. Thanks to Todd for the info as well. Very interesting.

  9. I remember Bridget Loves Bernie mainly because I had a huge crush on Meridith Baxter. I'm drawing a complete blank on the other two shows.

    1. And to think she never had any real interest in reciprocating...

  10. The San Pedro Beach Bums is the TV show I always remember that no one else knows. MeS™

  11. Loved Bridget Loves Bernie and just though it was canceled becasue I liked it. That seemed to be the trend back then. EVERY show I liked was pulled. Hard to believe the Jewish-Catholic thing got them the ax but All in the Family THRIVED on it.

    Loved the book link also Will, I remember running into these "Based on the TV show" books in my school library. I also read the Get Smart ones.