Retrospace Mix Tape #4: Songs Named After Women

names mosaic 2

As a sort of "part two" to the previous post regarding the greatest songs named after women, here's another handcrafted, homemade old-school mix tape on the same subject.

Remember the days when you'd give your girlfriend a mix tape as a sign of your everlasting love and devotion? I'd even get creative and have a peanut butter theme with a "smooth" side and a "crunchy" side.... I know, it's embarassing.  But we all did it.

Nowadays, we can be a bit more creative with the process.  Sure, there's no sides A and B to toy with, but there's tons more songs we have access to, and we can put album art for each individual track (as I did with this mix tape). 

Note: This is not a compilation of the top songs from the previous post.  We've all heard those songs a million times (plus, it's liable to be forcibly removed due to its Beatles content).  No, this is an ecclectic mix of some rather underplayed tracks from all types of music genres.  Check out the track list below and download away!

RamonesJudy Is A Punk
Henry GrossShannon
The MoveHello Suzie
EsquivelAnna (El Negro Zumbon)
Charlie Daniels BandTrudy
Kaleidoscope(Love Song) For Annie
Porter WagonerBarefoot Nellie
Bad MannersLorraine
Gary WalkerTwinkie Lee
David Gates & BreadAubery
Orange BicycleLady Samantha
Johnny CashLorena
James ClarkeFiona Butterfly
jack bedient and the chessmenRepunzel
Gordon LightfootPoor Little Allison
Gebrüder BlattschussPetticot Betty
Cristobal ChavezJezebel
tinkerbells fairydustMarjorine
Summer School (1979) SdtrkDana
Johnny PaycheckHang On Sally
Hot ChocolateRuth
Cherry SmashFade Away Maureen
Colin BlunestoneCaroline Goodbye
The Second TimeSally Le Roy
Howdy MoonNora Lee
The Stone CircusSara Wells



  1. I've looked over both lists a couple times and may have missed it, but I can also think of Jennifer by the Eurythmics and Elvira by the Oak Ridge boys. Those are pre-1990 songs, but I'm sure I'd get more credit if they were from the 60's or 70's.

  2. It's just a technicality, but Shannon is about a dog. Carl Wilson's dog, to be precise. The song became 10 times more sad to me, thinking about that poor ol' dog drifting out to sea.

  3. downloading now! im pretty excited man! some orange bicycle along the with Gordon Lightfoot! wow!!

  4. great way to transition from Halloween music... lookin forward to some retro Christmas action!

  5. Jennifer by Eurythmics is very underrated, I agree!

  6. Left Banke's Walk Away Renée...