Retrospace Mix Tape #6: Sci-Fi-O-Rama

Guess what, folks? The last two Mix Tape posts were among my least popular posts of all time; I think a grand total of 28 people downloaded it.  In other words, of the thirty thousand or so of you who viewed the post, roughly 0.09% were interested enough to download it. Wow!

So, why bother? Well, yours truly has wanted to be a DJ for a long time..... I have a desk job, about the farthest thing from Wolfman Jack you can think of.  This is me livin' the dream. I even hand selected the album art for each song.... I'm just that retarded.

Plus, my track selection isn't exactly mainstream.  But the thing is, if you're as old as me and you've been listening to music for as long as I have, you start to get tired of the well-known stuff.  I mean, "More Than a Feeling" was great when I first heard it, but 10,000 times later, I'm ready to kill myself.  The more obscure the better.

Thus, my science fiction mix tape doesn't have the obvious "Rocket Man" and Bowie's "Space Oddity"; instead, it's got disco versions of Star Wars songs and other bits of obscure vintage artifacts.  Some aren't necessarily science fiction related ("Cosmic Cowboy" and "Universe", for instance) but the titles have a sci-fi feel.

So, without further ado, here's the mix tape.  Save the file to download it, or hit "open" to stream.  I hope all 28 of you enjoy it.

Track List

Mass ProductionCosmic Lust
CarpentersCalling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
Billy PrestonSpace Race
DeodatoSpace Dust
Boris MidneyThe Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)
MecoTheme From 'Close Encounters'
Cherie CurrieScience Fiction Daze
Schoolhouse RockInterplanet Janet
ParliamentMothership Connection (Star Child)
Mike Theodore OrchestraCosmic Wind
XTCScience Friction
VenturesTheme From Star Trek
SpaceTango In Space
KlaatuAnus Of Uranus
M.B.T. SoulThe Chase
Michael MurpheyCosmic Cowboy, Pt. 1
Level 42Starchild
Boris Midney Han Solo And The Princess (Love Theme)



  1. hey man! great job! im one of the 28! and I too would love to be a dj! maybe some day some of your hand picked tunes will make it into one of my set lists. Until then though.... enjoying your obscure ~ ness ~

  2. Why don't you podcast this stuff?

  3. Keep going with the mix tapes! I appreciate being turned onto interesting obscure tracks - as well as being able to listen to them offline.

  4. It's great. And i LOVE the photograph a lot. :-)

  5. I suppose I was also one if the 28 who downloaded the Animal mix. Hearing Les Baxter at the beginning was very nice, but I would have expected something like "Zebra" or maybe a Martin Denney track from a Hypnotique album. It is a very eclectic collection, and I appreciate the effort regardless. Thanks! Keep it up. Maybe putting the download link in a more prominent place would help.

  6. Calling Occupants! Thats a rare one. Most have only heard the cover from "If I Were a Carpenter" 90's tribute album.
    I downloaded one of your mixes before, but this one was too good to pass up.

  7. That photo is just so wonderfully strange. Let's hope the aliens are standing on boxes and they aren't really over 7 feet tall. And dare I say fascinating that not one of the women is wearing a print. Bland JC Penny catalog coordinates each.

  8. Are you saying your Halloween mix tape didn't move? 'Cause I grabbed it and it kicked 11 different kinds of ass! Keep up with the mixing, Gil!

  9. Love the space mini.

    Schoolhouse Rock! The Ventures are enough for me to download it.

    With the topics, that can make some difference. Someone gave me a CD of car songs and a CD of clothing songs. The clothing songs are not very interesting really. Not compared with the car songs anyway.


  10. don't feel too bad, my most recent music posts were way under-attended too...

  11. Damn. I really appreciate the positive feedback!

    Tim - My halloween mix did actually get a lot of downloads. I was referring to the last two I've done (animals and female names). Thanks for the kind words.

    Ya know what, Michael? I think that might be worth a try. I think I will give it a go. Great suggestion.

  12. LOVED the Halloween mix, so for me, keep them coming!

  13. Downloaded & loving it! Thanks!

  14. Still haunted during quiet times of "...Interplanetary Craft" It's like the Carpenter bus crashed in to the Pink Floyd tour bus on some desolate Arizona highway and song idea sheets got all mixed up.

    Keep 'em cranking Gilligan!

  15. Got it! Let me confess that I thought my posting of an ultra-rare surf tune would get a lot of hits but it seems not even the die-hard followers of such things cared enough to listen to it. Oh well.

  16. Oh wow...I thought that Carpenters song was a dream, but now I know its for real! Haven't heard that since I was kid! Thanks for the flashback! Also love the disco versions of the Star Trek, Star Wars and Close Encounters music.

  17. I tried to download the Halloween selection & couldn't open it after the download. I'm trying something else for this one. Being kind of a PC-idiot, my fingers are crossed. BUT I wanted you to know some have tried & have failed.

  18. Nope, once again couldn't download. It time-out & stopped.