Retrospace Podcast #2

Hell, yes.  I had so much fun making the last one, I couldn't wait to make another.  I've taken the few constructive criticisms I've received seriously, and the next podcast should also contain words from yours truly.  Nonetheless, this one's still worth a listen   Suffice it to say, it contains the intro to The Six Million Dollar Man and ends with the Card Sharks theme song.  Need I say more?

I really need some feedback on these.  Are you having any difficulty subscribing, downloading, or streaming the feed? Is the podcast too long or short? Would the podcast be improved by the inclusion of my jibba jabba? I look forward to hearing your opinions.



  1. awsome your blog, awsome your tumblr, awsome your 2 podcast
    i've just discovered you today!

  2. I'm listening to it now and I think it's fantastic, but yes, some spoken word would be nice to let us know what we're listening too. Break out your own Wolfman Jack styles!! :)

  3. I have subscribed to the "cast" without problem. Though I am fine just clicking "play" and letting her rip. The randomness is fun, but a little like you're leading us down a dark carnival midway. I loved the syndicated radio series "Flashback" and the clipstyles are similar. Loved that show and can't figure out who has it now, and when it's on. Well, actually I can...too lazy to type a search into the big "G."
    These are great and just feed them to us in the same vein as the blog and all will be fine. Talk a little and play a lot.

    Permission to quit your day job..granted!

  4. What a great idea! You're the best. With all this gloom & doom spiraling in the mainstream media circus, I'm so glad I can come here & chill with a wide grin on my face.