Searchin' for a Podcast

I've spent a fair amount of time hunting for a good podcast to listen to during my grueling workdays, and I've been less than successful.  Naturally, I'm looking for something "retro" - whether they're talking about old horror movies or old TV shows, I don't care, so long as it's old.

Most podcasts I've come across seem exceptionally bad - poor sound quality, lousy conversation... nothing more than a bunch of friends cutting up.  While I commend them for giving it a go, I can't sit and listen to the blather for any length of time.  I'd actually considered starting one here, but I'm already strapped for time doing the blog.  Plus, I haven't a clue as to how it's done.

The best I've found is Chin Stroker vs. Punter - a couple of Brits yacking about everything from Steven Seagal to Star Trek.  Very enjoyable banter, often humorous and insightful.

At any rate, I'd be appreciative if anyone could recommend some good podcasts to keep me happy during the day.  Thanks in advance!


  1. Here are two ideas, if you don't already know them: http://www.luxuriamusic.com/station/podcasts


  2. WFMU - of course. I should've thought of them. Thanks for reminding me. Haven't heard of the luxuriamusic - I'll have to give that a try today. Thanks!

    I'm open to any other suggestions (ahem!)

  3. You could give mine a try - Podrophenia..

    Me and a mate choosing ten tunes, (5 each) based round a theme: Originals Uncovered, Sound-a-likes, surprisingly funky..Mostly retro based you'll find everything from the Banana Splits to Bowie, The Brady Bunch to The Beatles, funky nuggets, garage rockers and mod oddities

    You can grab via my blog here - or via itunes

  4. I will give yours a try, Mondo. Thanks for the suggestion - it sounds great.

  5. Check out Tank Riot...


    It's a mixed bag of topics, with lots of old school pop culture.

    witty and well produced.

  6. I have been making podcasts for quite some time and have a ton of retro stuff in mine. Mostly music with commercials and others thrown in. You can get them all at my blog:


    - Dartman

  7. I have to agree with you on this one.
    In fact, I did (http://laceykat.blogspot.com/) some time ago.

    Podcasts ,like all promises of a bright better tomorrow, are a mixed bag that are neither all the good, not all that bad.

    The good ones seem to go away to quickly.
    I am forever cleaning up my bookmarks of blogs and podcasts that the owners have moved on from.

    Podcasts, as I have said, are like open mike night at a comedy club. A lot of drunken frat boys, very few funny men.

  8. yes! Def try Luxuria!!!! there you will find one of my all time fav broadcASTS...INTOXICA!!! feat. Howie Pyro... show airs on TUESDAYs.. its great! also many other groovy/retro shows to choose from. I also like Riot on sunset strip..and not sure if its still on but on saturdays they used to have a thrifting for music or something like that..that really sounded sweet. Thanks again for this Blog.. I hope you find what you are looking for.. and hey! check out POD O MATIC too.. all sorts of downloads and also a good place to start if you are iterested in starting your own podcast:)

  9. I listen to a lot of comedians' podcasts. The closest to your interests here among those would probably be Jackie Kashian's THE DORK FOREST.


    Though WFMU's dusted off Firesign Theater radio shows might be even closer.


  10. "The sound of music" presented by Bernie Connor weekly at http://bernieworld.podomatic.com/