Sex Sells # 21: More Suggestive Ads

10-8-2010 3-39-28 PM

In other words - you don't need to get her high or drunk when you're wearing Bawawa clothing.

Read on for more retro ads not afraid to take a page from the "sex sells playbook". 

10-8-2010 9-45-39 AM

"Two fingers is all it takes"  Hmmmm..... I'll refrain from commenting on this one.

10-8-2010 9-01-23 AM

Music you all over? Gladly..... er, how does one "music" somebody?  Perhaps, "Funk me all over" would've been a better slogan.

As someone commented (on the Flickr page): "And to make it easy for the cops to find your stash, they have conveniently put a picture of a marijuana leaf on the front!"

Big Blue

I'm not saying there was anything intentionally suggestive going on here, I'm just sayin'.

What are we to take from this advertisement? "Bust loose' I guess means get it on with four chicks? Am I to understand that he is their volleyball coach, and is getting them drunk on tequila?  A lot going on here.... too much to process.  Moving on...

Incredible.  "Have a ball".... really?  She's holding two ball shaped objects in her left hand, and also carries a long phallus under her arm.  Madison Avenue amazes me with their relentless innuendo.  Well played.  Don Draper would be proud.


  1. I don't know ...could be me...but in that last one...I think I see.....a nipple!

  2. man... I used to love the old two fingers! and yes.. I am speaking of the tequila ... now just music me all over and everything will be all right!!!

  3. That quart of Heavy Cream is the icing on the cake !
    And I think you might need the booze and the grass to pronounce "Bawawa" correctly, however.

  4. Great Post, love it
    Good Ads