Spreading Some Blog Love

Check it out.  Lioness has sent me an award, and I think this time, instead of being lazy and doing nothing, I'm going to pay it forward.  Maybe it's the approaching Christmas season or maybe it's the 5 Hour Energy Drink, I don't know, but I feel like giving back to the blogger community. So, here goes.

The rules are that I must (1) reveal seven things about myself and (2) pass it along to fifteen other worthy blogs.

My seven things:

I have never seen Avatar, The Godfather series, Apollo 13, Dirty Dancing, Footloose, or The Sound of Music

My favorite current television show is Metalocalypse

My favorite food is raw oysters; my least favorite food is black eyed peas.

And here's the fifteen blogs that definitely deserve the award and visit from you.  I don't have time to contact all of them, but here they are:

 a touch of tuesday weld

 Go Retro!

 Adventures in Nerdliness

 and everything else too

the Percy Trout hour

Too Much Horror Fiction

 Big Happy Funhouse

 Farbor Sid

Tattered and Lost

Booksteve's Library

Magic Carpet Burn

Neat Stuff Blog

Video Martyr

Retro Hound


the coveted award

Please note: there's plenty more great blogs out there  - check my sidebar on the right under "blogs of distinction" and click "show all" .


  1. I've never seen Avatar, any Godfather movie, or Footloose, either...
    And now I lost all admiration for Chuck Heston! Smooth peanut butter... and Skippy at that ?! What a wuss!

  2. Thank you Gilligan... I'm honored.

  3. Congrats, Gilligan, and thanks so much again for honoring Go Retro. I'm humbled and will try to pass it along next week.

    Love the use of fun retro imagery to reveal your seven things rather than simply listing them!

    I guess I can understand not wanting to see The Sound of Music, but Dirty Dancing? C'mon, now there's a must see! :)

  4. This is such a fun blog and I just adore Go Retro. Well deserved everyone! :)

    Btw, I like Jan better too!

  5. You've NEVER seen the Godfather movies? Wow, are you sure you have the Y chromosome? I guess I shouldn't question your masculinity after you've bestowed an award on me. I feel bad now. But thanks. (Perhaps you should put the name of the award in your post)

  6. The Godfather has two problems with it: (1) no Smokey and (2) no Bandit.

    Seems like pretentious BS to me. If it had a car chase, maybe a lightsaber battle, some T&A, and maybe a little zombie action, then maybe I'd give it a try.

    The whole mob thing is just, well, played. I know it was the first since the gangster films of early Hollywood, but still. Once you've seen a pretentious oh-so-serious mob movie, you've seen them all. The clips I've seen have such overacting in them it makes Jim Carrey look subtle.

    There I said it.

  7. Gilligan,
    The Godfather movies are seriously not to miss. Get a grip and watch at least 1 and 2. 3 I didn't care for.
    Avatar sucked to high heaven I wouldn't recommend it to anyone and Footloose? Come on! You put that tripe in the same category as Godfather?
    Seriously shouldn't miss those and I'm not a big fan of movies with sequels.
    Dog Day Afternoon however was much better. If you never saw that I would have to go on a rant.

  8. Gilligan, Retrospace is my favorite place on the internet, hands down. You spoil your readers, I can't be gone for 2 days without a slew of new blogs waiting to be read!

    I don't know how you do it (let alone check out all these other great blogs). You deserve all the accolades you can get.

  9. Well there is a little T in the first Godfather. And no chase, but a really cool machine-gun death.

  10. Psst.... Can you change my link from blogspot to retrohound.com? Thanks.

  11. Yes! Metalocalypse is awesome-Now I love this site even more!

  12. Many thanks for the shout out, sir. It is my longtime policy not to play this game anymore, though, as someone who awarded me early on took these things way too seriously and ruined it for me. Still, the link is appreciated as is your own fine work here at Retrospace always! Thanks, also for the other blogs you chose above, a few of which I was not previously familiar with but which look quite fun!

  13. thanx, Gilligan! did you know there is a kaiju from Spectreman named after you?...


  14. Hey, Gilligan, I have a question:
    Which of the blogs that you follow is more fifties-fixated? Your blog is retro but you focus more on the seventies (not that that's a bad thing ;O) )

  15. Well, hell's bells, Loretta! Thanks for the shout out! It makes me feel guilty, though...I was just about to steal some stuff from you ;-)

    Your blog is what I wish my blog actually was.

    Love and leftover Mongolian BBQ,

    A Touch Of Tuesday Weld

  16. Thank you Gilligan! I've been away from blogging for so many weeks thanks to bandwidth problems that I figured I was long forgotten.