Comic Books #25: Supergirl Part IV: Smoking Hot Fashion Plate from Krypton

Sure, she could bend steel with her bare hands, but she also could dress better than Betty and Veronica combined.  Supergirl not only varied her super costume, but also strutted the fashions of the day as Linda Lee Danvers.  Anyone wanting to do a thesis on popular fashions during the sixties and seventies may as well start with Supergirl.

And let's face it, the Supergirl suit was a win-win situation.  The girls loved it for the "dress your Barbie" aspect, and the boys loved it because..... because.... ummmm...

Yeah, you guessed it.  The boys (the primary comic book audience) couldn't get enough of the many angles of Supergirl in her skimpy outfits.  Sure, it's just a crummy two dimensional line drawing - but we're talking about boys hitting puberty here.  When those hormones kick in with a vengeance, it's time to cough up the fifteen cents for the Supergirl comic.

.... and it wasn't just the costume.  She was hot as her secret identity, Linda, too.  And get this - when she was Linda, instead of donning a stupid pair of glasses like her idiotic cousin, Superman, she wore a brunette wig.  Thus, you got your Betty and your Veronica, if you know what I mean.

Did the artists play up on this? Did the artists stoop so low as to use Supergirl's sexuality to lure young consumers? You bet they did!  The comic panel below just says it all, doesn't it?

Of all the possible views and perspectives, this is what the artist chose.... a close-up of her ass.  Jesus, her head is not even in the frame, and the "enemy attack" is almost pointless compared to the very detailed and shaded Supergirl ass!

And then, to appease the girl audience, there was the aforementioned "dress your Barbie" fashion aspect that was played up pretty big at the close of the 1960s...

The readers were even asked for input on the newest Supergirl costume change.  The big reveal is pictured below.  Note to you guys: You'd like to think this is just silly, but you know as well as I do, the male superhero costume designs are just as scrutinized by the boys.  Every time Batman or Spiderman alters their costume, you better believe the guys are talking about it.

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  1. The guys got something out of the whole fashion thing too, because for every outfit that Supergirl or Linda could possibly wear, you can bet we were imagining her changing OUT of her clothes to try on the outfit in question. Maybe her friends were in the changing room with her, and… stuff happened.