Comic Books #26: Supergirl Part V: Supergirl Gone Wild

I dare you to sit there with a straight face and tell me you don't see anything sexual in the cover above.  If you don't see a giant phallus complete with testes and ejaculate, then you may need to get a grown up to explain it to you.

Supergirl was exactly what young readers nearly stroking out on puberty were after. Granted, Supergirl was by no means the first to capitalize on the testosteronal appeal of comic books (i.e. you may recall the "Lois Lane, Slave Girl" comic)   Unlike today, however, a lot of the action was laid between the lines. 

ride the dragon, baby.... ride that filthy dragon

Indeed, by today's standards, Supergirl was just Superman's bland blonde counterpart.... nothing to get too excited over.  The last time I looked on a shelf and found a Supergirl comic, she looked like a slutty piece of jailbait.  Back then, you let your imagination do the work...

Admittedly, this was around 2006 when last I spotted this "new and improved" Superwhore Supergirl.  Things may have gotten better since then - I'm sure some of you readers can fill me in on the latest.  One thing I noticed in these new Supergirl comics was panel after panel containing either an example of (A) the so-called "porn face" or (B) the so called "upskirt".

Now, questions regarding what lies beneath Supergirl's miniskirt is nothing new.  In fact, horny pre-teens were trying to solve this riddle since the 1960s.  Many contested she had (GASP!) nothing on underneath that short skirt.... and they'd seen cleverly hidden proof!  Of course, no such evidence ever materialized.

Things got awfully close.  DC artists toyed with their depraved junior high school audiences.  But no cigar...  Only the shadow knows...

... till one day, this was uncovered.  Mystery solved.  She indeed did wear undergarments.  Sixth grade fantasy dashed upon the rocks.

But I digress.  You get the point, there was plenty to keep readers fantasies alive without resorting to the current trend of turning her into jailbait skank.  One thing in particular was Supergirls constant need to carry chicks around in the air..... You know, like Superman always carried Lois Lane.  Well, Supergirl carried her own Lois Lanes many, many, many times.  Hmmmmm....


  1. Nope, not seeing it. Everything lookin' A-okay. Everything normal.

    Let's hope they don't make this into a 3-D movie!

  2. "young readers nearly stroking out on puberty"

    Heh. He said "stroking"...

  3. While the "jailbait" version of her costume is still present, the character has matured quite a bit over the last two years. Supergirl is one of my favorite current titles.

  4. 70s comic books are always so relaxing... they retain 'main street' America in a way that is so childish and wacky

  5. AnonymousJune 08, 2012

    Is it just me or does she have her ass on backwards in the top left of the cover?