Twisted Impressions #8

Well, folks, it's time once again for my inner 10 year old to emerge.  Sure, I'm into my fourth decade of life; but, juvenile behavior keeps us young at heart.  So, it's time to tap into that inner Beavis, the part of you that wants to snicker when you hear words that sound like female anatomy or bodily functions.  Let's get started!

wonder woman grabs hold

wonder woman grasps tightly

This scene from Wonder Woman loses something in a screen capture.  If you could only see the lovely Amazonian stroking the shaft of that throbbing knob, your mind would go to the same place mine did.... straight to the gutter.


Sweet Lord.  How could this not be intentional? Of all the possible positions and placement of that sock, the artist decided to have a woman's hands pull the tubular fabric right at the bear's groin.... and he's got a look on his face that says he's reeeaaal happy.  It's growing from a woman's touch.

Red Skelton and Head

Dear God.  I don't want to tell you that I think this looks like Red Skelton is cupping his genitals with a decapitated head, because that would be just too gross.  But Skelton's expression, and the placement of the head.... moving on...

One Helluva Blow

Okay, if I have to explain this one, it's past your bedtime.


  1. Found the clip of Wonder Woman 'disarming the bomb':


    I think I need to go have some 'quiet time' now.

    "and a nuclear bomb ready to go off in his hands" LOL

  2. Great post! But what I found most interesting was not the "hidden" meaning to these pictures but rather that comedian Red Skelton was considered such an authority on ghost stories that he personally selected them for a book.

  3. AW CUM ON! YOU MISSED THE FINE PRINT! (sorry for yelling)
    "Formerly titled - A Red Skelton in your closet"

    Clearly Red's secret is out.

  4. Was there writing and pictures after the Wonder Woman part? If there was I guess that I missed them because my mind was elsewhere after that.