The Vintage Preservation Collection #8: Art Appreciation

I'm impressed with a blog that can appreciate the unappreciated.  Old textbooks and manuals sometimes had a brilliant sense of composition and style.  Indeed, art isn't just found in downtown museams, but in stacks of old paper at your local bookstore.

The author of this blog stumbled across a huge collection of gothic 60s and 70s romance novels.  In her words: "It was my good fortune to learn of a previously unknown art form. The art of women running from houses. Gracing the cover of each book was an interpretation, some better than others, of this same subject matter. On their back covers each described roughly the same story. How completely wonderful! Since then I have managed to obtain hundreds of these books and while I may never have time to read all of them, I am making it my mission to share their glory with the world." A truly honorable mission. I commend it. 

Square America
Old photographs have a sort of mysterious aesthetic that is both nostalgic and sad.  You are simultaneously overjoyed by visions of bygone days and reminded of the steady march of time, the fleeting transience of life.  Indeed, old photographs are your eyes to a time that is no more, and Square America captures it in all its varieties better than any other.


  1. "I'm impressed with a blog that can appreciate the unappreciated." I absolutely agree.

  2. I love Square America. I just wish it had a better layout and was better organized. And the slideshow engine he uses makes it really hard to grab images from it. And you hit it exactly. It makes me so happy to see some everyday people having a great time at a party in some mid '60s basement bar, or just some '50s people walking to work in some city, but also sad that those times will never be seen again and that we don't have time machines that let us actually go back and live through those times.

  3. And retrohound, I appreciate a blogger like yourself who can appreciate a blog that appreciates blogs that appreciate the unappreciated. Did that make sense?

    armpit - my sentiments exactly. Great minds think alike.

  4. I agree with you about the aesthetics found in old books. The same can be said about old record covers.