A Christmas Poem from Easyriders Magazine (1980)

Easyrider Vol.9 No. 79 January 1980

I found this beautiful piece of poetry from a Christmas issue of Easyriders Magazine (1980) and simply had to share. Spread the Spirit of Christmas and pass this warm, holiday message to your friends and family.

Mistletoe and Snow

Christmas cheer,
A Party Atmosphere,
Smokin' dope and takin' reds,
Findin' love in strange beds.

Snow shrouds the roads we need.
Wet streets remind us of dangers we heed
The cold whistles a bleak song.
Gotta rebuild and rechrome till the winter's gone.

But our brothers and sisters make
the cold months warm.
Swappin' parts and short test runs
don't do any harm.
Savin' change for the comin' summers
the winter ain't no bummer.

Merry Christmas

Easyrider Vol.9 No. 79 January 1980