The Retrospace Dictionary #5


frenema: A cleansing period to hang out with new, interesting people; instead of the regular idiots you normally associate with.


keg nectar: beer

phone throned

phone throned: When someones calls you while they are on the toilet. Using the facilities while talking.


flirtigo: The fear, or total inability, to flirt


Awktoberfest: Extremely awkward situation and or event, that often feels never ending.

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  1. Phone throned. Some years ago, in the early days of cell phones, I was in the rest room at a local Home Depot. While I was washing my hands a guy started talking in one of the stalls. Creepy. I finally realized he was talking on his cell phone. He was telling somebody that he had minutes left at the end of the month and wanted to use them up and that's why he was calling. What a way to make someone feel special.