Retrospace Podcast #6: Another Christmas Episode


I'll level with you guys.... my podcasts have gotten nothing but bad reviews.  Some have taken the high road and offered constructive criticism; while others have simply said "it sucked".  Not a lot of positive feedback coming my way, folks.

The stats aren't too bad: each podcast has gotten about 300 downloads and a few thousand clicks of the play button.  However, there's a paltry 30 or so actual subscribers.... and, as I just said, the feedback has been awful.

I'll be honest, I'm not quite sure why.  I've actually listened to my own podcasts repeatedly and loved them.  I realize I don't talk much on them, but Retrospace is where I let my voice loose, not a podcast.  There's tons of clips and soundbites that I find plenty entertaining.  What gives?

Answer: I don't care.  I don't get paid to run Retrospace. It's 100% a labor of love, and I happen to enjoy putting these short little podcasts together.  And, frankly, when Retrospace started back in 2008 there wasn't a whole lot of positive feedback then either.  I just kept doing what I loved and kept trying to improve.  In the end, it found a pretty significant audience.

In the end, it's all for fun.  If it catches on, good.  If not, oh well, it was fun anyway.  I certainly do appreciate input, positive or negative.  If even a few of you out there get as much enjoyment listening to it as I did making it, it will have been worthwhile. Merry Christmas. 



  1. I haven't listened to this newest podcast yet, but I was sorry to read about the lack of positive feedback for 'em--I've always thought they're a great, funky blend of what was. Man, for all the work you put into this site you deserve no negative criticism Gilligan, just a sincere note of thanks.

  2. Well, I haven't listened to one yet. Sorry, but I work in a library and they moved my desk out to the floor, so I can't listen to anything while there. I'm going to have to listen to one now while I'm off work for awhile. I've never listened to a podcast, so I have no pre-conceived notions of what they should be like. I'm your perfect candidate for honest feedback!

    However, just keep plugging away, and you'll find the audience, or they'll find you.

  3. I liked the ones I listened to. I just wanted to know what I was listening to! Do you think you could put a list on the blog if you don't care to speak? That would be great!

  4. yeah, I don't really get the negative feedback either. I listened to the first podcast and thought it was great. This one seems ok so far too.

  5. I find your podcasts very entertaining and I hope you'll keep doing the great work!

  6. Thanks for the positive words. Karissa, I genuinely appreciate advice on how to make the podcasts better - your comment on the need to provide a track list was great. I wouldn't consider that a negative comment at all.

    I'm referring to emails (and certain comments I've deleted) that say "No offense, but your podcast sucks" or "Love your blog. Hate your podcast". etc., etc.

    Anyway, I never said these podcasts were going to be works of art.... hopefully, they're just an entertaining 15 minute flashback. Nothing more nothing less.

  7. I wish there'd been a warning, I was sitting here with my kids when the last part came on.

  8. Your podcasts are fun, full of choice little nuggets of forgotten sounds that stir fry my memories. One thing the interwebs are full of is bitter chumps who love to spread the ugly. Keep up the good work.

  9. When you podcast, you are providing another separate but equal service. The content source is the same eclectic mix as the site, but not in the way most are used to getting it. Meaning: Take a look at your analytics. The average time your visitors spend here is 2-3 minutes? That's a long time in blog standards. (what I wouldn't give to be in the 2-3 min avg.on my site) SO, you are wondering why everyone doesn't hang around for a 15 min podcast? Your podcasts are an interesting compilation of content but without a script we don't know what's coming or why we should wait. If you think folks visit because of the pictures, then you are not giving yourself enough credit. Your written "voice" is a large part of it. Suggestion: Have the podcast open in a separate window (or give the option) so I can keep listening while I continue surfing.
    Drop the length down to 10min. Talk up the content more, and absolutely keep on pod-ing!

  10. Excellent advice, Greg! I will certainly give it a try.

    And I'm terribly sorry your kids heard Chevy Chase's manaical rant... I love that scene, I wasn't thinking about the kiddies. My bad.

  11. I am one of your 30 subscribers (through iTunes), and of all the podcasts I subscribe to, yours is one of the few that I listen to every episode. I enjoy it for what it is. It IS different that everything else and that's why it's great.

    My only comment would be to be a little peppier on the mic if you can. Your laid back FM AOR style doesn't really match the mostly Top 40 content.

    Keep it up, you're doing great!