Retrospace Podcast #7

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It's hard to believe all this vintage goodness is packed into 19 minutes, but it's true. The Retrospace Podcast is a surreal travel through the space time continuum, which bounces effortlessly from Sanford & Son to Phantasm to Schoolhouse Rock.  It's a cosmic journey of decades past, and you are the space cowboy. Giddyup!


70s elevator music
dial adjustment
"What the Hell" by The Ohio Players (2 minute version)
drive in movie commercial break
Theme Song to "Hunter"
Paul McCartney quits Beatles news clip
Schoolhouse Rock "Interjection"
short vintage radio promo
White Lightning movie trailer
"Spacehead" by The Primitives
short clip from 1960s lunchroom manners film
"Tic Tac Dough" gameshow theme song
Phantasm movie radio spot
"Highly Illogical" by Leonard Nimoy
1970's radio bumper/background music
Black Sabbath radio spot 1970
"Sanford & Son" famous "gorilla cookies" quote
"Theme One" by The George Martin Orchestra
Drive In theater announcement


The Ohio Players are easily the funkiest of all the funk bands to come out of the seventies..... that includes Parliament.  Outkast are the modern day torch carriers of the flame lit by The Ohio Players.  I had to drastically cut the last ten minutes or so of the song.... it goes into a funk explosion that gets monotonous if you're not high or grooving in your waterbed.

"Theme One" by The Fifth Beatle is an utterly brilliant instrumental.  Blends in perfectly with Strawberry Fields and Magical Mystery Tour.

The Primitives basically only scored one hit with "Crash", which has been covered several times since and was an international success.  They basically dropped off the map by their next album in 1989, and were officially DOA by 1991.  However, their first LP has loads of good stuff, and "Spacehead" is certainly one of them.

I love 70s and 80s gameshow themes.  There were all so peppy and zippy with lots of moog action.  My favorite is Card Sharks, but Tic Tac Dough runs a close second.


  1. Nothing will ever beat Match Game's theme song.

  2. o.m.g. - Somehow I went my whole life without hearing "Highly Illogical." That was a jaw-dropper.

    Lots of good stuff there. Nice mix.

  3. Great mix. Good length. "Interjection!" is my all time favorite.

    Darn! I wanted to write more!

  4. Heya
    Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the retrospace mix tape 7, its awsome I really enjoyed it.