Vintage Scan #18: Ice Capades 1962

1962 Ice Capades Program

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought it would be a good time to post scans from my 1962 Ice Capades program.

I guess if I had to compare the '62 Ice Capades to the one I recently saw, a couple things stand out. First, there's no movie/TV franchises represented (no Toy Story, no Aladdin, no Spongebob, etc.), which is a good thing, I think. Second, it seems geared toward adults more than kids.  I can't imagine Ice Capades being marketed to adults these days.

Anyway, enjoy the scans.

All these images are pretty big, so I only posted the thumbnails.  Click to the images to view full size.


  1. The images are really neato...I agree that it's nice that no promotion of movies/TV shows was involved (just a nod to the play Showboat.)

  2. Think we could get anything like a salute to George M. Cohan today?