Mod as Hell

Scanned from an old Gentlemen's Quarterly from the late sixties, these mod fashions really caught my eye.  Say what you want about the mod style, it certainly had a frenetic energy that is hard to ignore, even forty years later.

Mod was a victim of its own popularity.  Once it became over-popularized, as evidenced by this spread in GQ, the young Brits gravitated to other forbidden fruits of youth, namely psychedelia.   Both GQ and Esquire had long been the domain of sweater vest wearing, martini drinking bachelors..... the fact that a mod fashion spread had made its way to GQ was a red flag that the young would soon be through with it.

It wouldn't be long before the mod style morphed into that spectacular (albeit mostly mythical) point in time known as Swingin' London.  So, enjoy these images from when mod was mainstream.  Some are godawful, but that's the price you pay when you take risks and let your creativity run wild.... history (those, like us, far removed) will not understand, and therefore laugh.  But at this point in time, this was the coolest of the cool.

Yes. Your eyes do not deceive you.  What you see before you is indeed a gold velor suit.  Austin Powers would be proud.

I'm stricken by who "pimp like" the mod style was. They're every bit as flamboyant and loud.  Put a fedora with a peacock feather in it, and this guy is Willie Dynamite.

Sweet Lord!  Once you come to terms with his upper body's wardrobe, you then have to contend with his pants.  Did anybody actually wear this stuff? I'm really wondering what kind of shoes he's wearing.

I really dig the paisleys, but it's like GQ just kept the same male models from their "square days".  In other words, this same guy was probably sporting an argyle sweater and golf shoes a few issues back.  He could be Pete Townsend's father.

Either this guy is horribly sunburned, or the camera could not handle the over-saturation from his jacket.

This GQ model is thinking: "What the hell is this? I'm used to model tuxedos while sipping high-balls.... ....these punk kids and their stupid scooters make me sick. I need a drink..."

It's fashion.  But it's also a transcendental psychedelic voyage. Grooooovy.

Would make really good camouflage if you're hiding in a pile of leaves.  Otherwise, pretty awful.

And here's an advertisement from the same magazine.  He's going to need  a lot of whatever's in that mug if he's going to have the courage to go out in public in that suit.


  1. That GQ model with the technicolor kimono is actually wearing a Korean traditional clothing pattern, and apparently the same fabric as well: http://www.asianinfo.org/asianinfo/korea/cel/DSC01214.JPG

  2. Holy Amazing! Gilligan--these pictures are just awesome. Your scope is limitless.

  3. "Are you a mod or a rocker?"
    "I'm a mocker."

  4. This is how I picture Don Draper by the series finale of Mad Men.

  5. You've got to give credit to the model wearing the bright orange coat, blue shirt (with ruffles no less) and flowery pants. He wears all that and STILL strikes a cool pose while a lovely lady looks on with longing.

  6. The least objectionable was the blue suit. It's a little bright but I always liked double-breasted suits. The guy in the orange jacket and flowered pants is the worst. And what the heck are they doing in a swamp dressed like that?

  7. oh MY! I love these picks! I love mod fashion! I want to dress like that, and in fact I have dressed as much like as possible... but thee golden valour suit is TOP NOTCH!!!!! brand new and crispy... Im drooling! I know how cool he feels! and its verrrrrrrrry cool! thanks for posting... can't believe GQ was so groovy!

  8. i always considered anything worn by Fleetwood Mac to be hideous LOL

  9. I'm glad the boy in the first photo lifts up his LEFT arm at least...

  10. Why is my moniter smoking ?