The Boob Tube #21: TV Shows That Time Forgot (C)

Time for another round of forgotten pieces of crap television shows from the seventies and eighties.  No hidden gems in this batch, folks.  These shows are forgotten for a reason.... I apologize in advance for unearthing any repressed memories of these bad, bad shows.

"Co-Ed Fever" (1979)

What's remarkable about this Animal House rip-off was that, despite the presence of Heather Thomas, this show lasted only one episode.  Did you catch what I just said? ONE EPISODE!  There's only been a handful of shows that were so bad they didn't make it to a second episode - and I don't think any situation comedy from the sixties through the eighties bears this dubious distinction. 

"Calucci's Department" (1973)

The seventies were big on blue collar.  Shows like Sanford & Son, Chico & the Man, Taxi, Barney Miller, and All in the Family reveled in their low income bracket.  The eighties flushed all that down the toilet in favor of upper class daydreams like The Cosby Show and Silver Spoons.  Rosanne became the only gritty thing in town... but I digress...

"Calucci's Department" took place at the unemployment office, where James Coco played the department head.  I don't remember the program, but it might've been good.  Unfortunately, it had to go up against Sanford & Son and was clobbered.

"The Cop and the Kid" (1975)

A few years before Mr. Drummond adopted a couple of kids from the ghetto, fat-ass Charles Durning was adopting a black kid of his own in this sappy short lived sitcom.  The seventies were full of stuff like this.  The only thing interesting about this one is Tierre Turner.  The actor who played the titular Kid became a very successful stunt double and coordinator.  His IMDb filmography is something to behold. 

"Condo" (1983)

Mclean Stevenson left the much heralded MASH to land in one dud after another.  I remember seeing him on Match Game appearing drunk and groping all over the pretty contestants.... it was embarrassing.  "Hello Larry" is his most famous failure, but there were others, "Condo" being the last.  After this, his career was done.

I mean, look at the promotional photograph: a Caucasian family tries to get along with a Hispanic family (yawn).  I literally yawned uncontrollably when I typed that sentence. I'm not kidding. 


  1. I have never heard of any of those and i consider myself a real crap television junkie. I love the ones that are so dreaful the mere mention of their name makes you cringe.

  2. I don't remember the others, but I DO remember Condo and I was JUST thinking about it this morning, oddly enough. Had a trivia question about when the word "condo" came into use and remembered the show and went from there. Serendipity!

  3. Anyone else remember I Married Dora? Single dad marries the maid so she won't get deported and uh, yeah. That was pretty much it really...

    I Married Dora

  4. Also noteworthy about "Condo": the Hispanic dad was played by Luis Avalos, who achieved fame in the 1970s on "The Electric Company."

    I'd like to see "Double Trouble" come out on DVD. That was the lame 1984-ish flop that featured the adorable Sagal twins, Jean and Liz. If I remember right, Katey Sagal of "Married With Children" is the third sister.

  5. How about very tall Caucasian family tries to get along with very short Hispanic family?

    Nope... still yawn inducing.

  6. Using that formula Condo failed and Modern Family is a hit?

  7. Never heard of any of them. I I lived through it too! Zootsuitmama

  8. Or how about a straight rich Caucasian family tries to get along with a gay poor Hispanic family?

    Nope still boring.

  9. "I have a message. Mclean Stevenson's career... was shot down... over the Sea of Japan. It spun in. There were no survivors."

  10. Wings - do you play Trivial Pursuit on Pogo? I had the same Condo question there today. I don't remember ANY of these crap TV shows. This was interesting though Gilligan, hope you do another one of these.

  11. Carlucci's Department was pretty funny, as I recall--but I was watching Sanford and Son so I only caught a couple of episodes.

  12. For some reason, the local affiliate in Baltimore ran Carlucci's Department on Saturday afternoons rather than in its prime time slot. That's the only reason why I watched it. I liked it at the time, but there's no accounting for taste at age 8.

  13. I do think I remember "Co-ed Fever."

    There were 2 short-lived '70s shows I'd appreciate the correct name to, if anyone knows. The first scenario was a girls Roller Derby team. The second, was a disco. I think it was a family living above & running the joint. The latter lasted a very short time on the ol' boob tube.

  14. I was a big TV watcher in my youth and if I did not see it then I at least knew about it.
    I cannot remember even hearing about these.

    You have your finger on the pulse of retro culture.
    Keep up the good work.

  15. One show that failed due to its own success, was "Police Squad". Starring Leslie Nielson and produced by the Abrahams/Zucker team that brought you Airplane!, this show was heads above most other programming from 1982.

    Canceled after only 6 episodes, with the most lameassed excuse ever given. From Wikipedia: According to the DVD Commentary, then-ABC entertainment president Tony Thomopoulos said "Police Squad! was canceled because the viewer had to watch it in order to appreciate it." What Thomopoulos meant was that the viewer had to actually pay close attention to the show in order to get much of the humor, while most other TV shows did not demand as much effort from the viewer. In its annual "Cheers and Jeers" issue, TV Guide magazine called the explanation for the cancellation "the most stupid reason a network ever gave for ending a series."

    Police Squad! Did live on however, in the Naked Gun films made several years later. But as said, it's one of the few shows that got canceled for actually being good.

  16. I would add "Once A Hero", the adventures of a comic-book superhero who comes to the "real world" when his comic-book gets canceled. No, I'm not imagining that while on drugs, although I think some TV writers and producers may have been.

  17. There's been a few one episode TV shows over the years. An infamous one from 1969 was "Turn On". The creator of Laugh In, George Slater, came up with this for ABC. A few Laugh In regulars like Theresa Graves were involved. It was billed as the most daring show of it's time. Indeed it was so daring that one of the ABC affiliates, pulled the plug 15 minutes into the show (the station program director came on with an apology to the audience saying the program would never be carried on the channel again). Legend has it the show was canceled literally between the east coast feed and the west coast feed 3 hours later!

    Tim Conway was on the one show (a second show was produced but never made it to air). There's an interview with him on YouTube and I believe a couple of clips from the show have been posted as well.