Cinema #15: Killer Lobby Cards (Part 2)

lobby card (91)

Okay, time for another round of lobby cards.  They're great reminders of movies that aren't so well remembered.  How many of you have seen and remember Play It As It Lays or They Only Kill Their Masters? Precious few, I'm sure.

There's already a wealth of sites out there specializing in movie posters; however, not too many that resurrect old lobby cards.  So, to fill the void, here's some more killer lobby cards, complete with snarky comments from yours truly. Enjoy!

lobby card (155)

Have you ever seen this movie? Holy cow, it's awful.  It's an old Japanese spy movie completely redubbed by Woody with new dialog and a plot about finding an egg salad recipe.

lobby card (79)

I'd love to see this one, but it's not available on Netflix.  From everything I've heard about it, it sounds like a very deep, intelligent and thoughtful film.

lobby card (73)

Actually came out before Jaws.  Sort of a "Shark Week" kinda thing for the early seventies.

lobby card (153)

Basically like an episode of The Rockford Files.  Should've been a TV movie.  Netflix will never carry this.

lobby card (61)

I think "wacky" is the correct word for this movie.  With Charles Grodin playing a sex starved husband. (groan)

lobby card (40)

Here he is - the undisputed man's man of the seventies.  The Yin to Leif Garret and Andy Gibb's Yang.

lobby card (100)

They did a lot of drugs in the seventies.  A lot of drugs.

lobby card (95)

I include this one because it's just a killer lobby card.  I really dig the composition in the sidebar.  Cool.

lobby card (20)

This was a great horror movie, and was planned to be the first in a trilogy.  However, the sequel killed any hope of a third.

lobby card (5)

Excellent movie title.  Judging by the B&W still, not so excellent of a movie.


  1. Dr. Phibes looks like 70s-era Captain Kangaroo on the left side fo the card.

  2. Yes he does. Speaking of which, a horror movie starring Slim Goodbody would be truly frightening.

  3. I used to love lobby card - what a great haul

  4. I love the card for "The Sailor Who ... blah blah," is Kris doing The Robot dance move in the sidebar? So ahead of its time!

  5. "Have you ever seen this movie? Holy cow, it's awful."

    No its not. It was the funniest movie I ever saw during my college years. I laughed so hard I was hoarse for a week.

    Great Lobby card collection, BTW.

  6. Great post! Keep the lobby cards comin' Gilligan. They ALL look like movies I would like to see or see again as in the case of Dr. Phibes, Semi-Tough and Lisztomania.
    Blue Water, White Death is in fact a documentary on great whte sharks which is kind of a cult classic. And is that Katherine Ross in the lobby card for "They Only Kill Their Masters"? I think it is, and just for that the movie is worth watching.

  7. Each still I see from Lisztomania, makes me want to see the film less. The claim "it out-Tommys 'Tommy'" sure doesn't help.

  8. The last one all look like transvestites.

  9. Just finished downloading Lisztomania to see how horrible it is. Time to chug a beer, this is gonna hurt.

    Funny note, Lisztomania was directed by Ken Russel and had Roger Daltry in it, both of whom worked on the film and released it at the same time as "Tommy". Perhaps as a way to hedge their bets on the failure of one or the other, and it looks like that idea worked.

  10. I used to hear about Lizstomania from a the Who-heads I followed on Tumblr but I've never seen it. :/

  11. tits and legs, buddy
    tits and legs

  12. I saw "They Only Kill Their Masters" on TCM either last year or the year before. It's not bad, though not particularly memorable.