Needlework A-Go Go #13: More Workbasket

Workbasket Magazine_0006

Like I said in the last Workbasket post - I've acquired a pile of these old needlework leaflets and had to share some scans.... too many to toss in a single post.  So here's some more knitted creations to burn onto your retina.  Enjoy.

workbasket magazine_0036

Did I mention that Workbasket didn't employ professional models? I know it's hard to believe, but, yeah, these girls aren't professionals.

workbasket magazine_0032

"Teens delight" is right.... only not for the teen wearing it.  Local bullies will be the ones delighted.

workbasket magazine_0030

Okay, buddy. It's a nice sweater.... but could you close your legs.  Yeesh!

workbasket magazine_0017

For the man who needs a sweater vest as skin tight as his slacks.

Workbasket Magazine_0011

She looks a bit like one of Santa's elves, but I kind of dig it. I wonder if she's wearing wear pointy shoes.

Workbasket Magazine_0008

Nevermind the grotesque lumps all over her sweater - I'm concerned that hat is nowhere near going to accommodate that mighty head of hair.

Workbasket Magazine_0004

I'm betting there's a pack of cigarettes in one of those pockets.  I was a smoker for years. I can tell.

Workbasket Magazine_0003

Perfect attire for studying the Assyrian civilization.  I looked some of these words up, and tried to piece together what the hell she's teaching.  I'm familiar with Mount Ararat and the Babylonians,... but Kadar and Madai? No clue.

Workbasket Magazine_0004

He's got a toothpick for a pointer and a tee-tiny little map.... his mike is massive, though.

Okay, I'll stop here.  I'm starting to feel like the Joan Rivers of the vintage knitting world.  Time to call it a day.


  1. Kedar is a place in the Middle East. It's mentioned about 11 times in the Bible. (I had to look that up, I recognized the word, but didn't know how many times it was used.) Madai is a person listed in genealogy in the Bible, but that's it as far as I know.

  2. Hmmm. So, perhaps this is a Bible Study class?
    Thanks for the research!

  3. See, I need the pattern for the lilac smokers sweater..