Retrospace Mix Tape # 11: Dyn-O-Mite!!

If there was one word I could use to describe the 1970s, it would have to be "dynamite".... or, more appropriately, "dyn-o-mite".  It was not only a popular expression for "awesome", it was a catch phrase for J.J. Evans on "Good Times", a popular kids' magazine, and incorporated into many a movie title (i.e. Dixie Dynamite and Willie Dynamite).

I would be derelict in my duties as custodian of Retrospace to not provide you with some Dynamite tracks for your listening pleasure.  Not all are from the seventies, but all are, well, 100 percent dy-no-mite.


Black Dynomite Theme Song
Brenda Lee - Dynamite
Bazuka - Dynomite
Jermaine Jackson - Dynamite
Alvin Crow - Dynamite Diana
One Way - Dynomite
Stacy Lattisaw - Dynamite
King Floyd - I Feel Like Dynamite
Cliff Richard - Dynamite
Scotty McKay - Rollin' Dynamite
Connie Cato - Big Stick Of Dynamite


  1. I downroad all your mix tapes. even the not so good ones.

  2. You forgot Dynamite by Dave Edmunds off of the album Repeat When Necessary. The band is essentially Rockpile blurring the lines on their contracts by calling it a Dave Edmunds release. What should make it perfect for you is that is was used in BJ and the Bear episode