Retrospace Podcast #8

Are you ready for another 20 minute roller coaster ride through the dark recesses of vintage audio? Can your eardrums accommodate the sudden shift from disco to Todd Rundgren singing about vikings? Can your brain withstand the jump from Hong Kong Phooey to Leonard Nimoy searching for Bigfoot? If you feel up to it, download the podcast or simply stay awhile and listen.

Complete track list:
Generic vintage radio intro
Massacre at Central High radio spot 1976
Generic elevator music from the seventies/ Charles Manson convicted news clip
"Sexy Cream" by Slick
"Match Game" clip
Short bumper
"Simon and Simon" TV theme song
Trouble Man trailer (1974) quote: "Chalky's dead. Now I'm comin' 'ta get your honky ass."
"The Viking Song" by Todd Rundgren
"Hong Kong Phooey" TV theme song
Clip from The Jerk
"Sky High" by Jigsaw
Clip from "In Search Of... Bigfoot" narrated by Leonard Nimoy
"Spaceman" by Harry Nilsson
Drive In Movie announcement
Fred Flintstone bowling sound effect


Of course, the easiest and best way to listen to the podcast is by subscribing to the feed.


  1. My brain could barely stand it. Nice mix, Gil.

  2. Great selection! haven't heard Jigsaw in a bleem or 2.

  3. This was really a lot of fun! Didn't come at better time when I feeling blue & counting the lint between my toes. Actually, I've liked all of 'em.

  4. what's with the ads in between your posts? They were always on the side? What happened? very confusing; it one because I thought it was part of your posting.

  5. Hey little buddy, awesome podcast. Say, have you heard this interesting mash-up? John Lennon's "imagine & Van Halen's "Jump." It's pure genius.


  6. No fear anna. It was only temporary.

    feo - I will check that out asap. thanks for the heads up.

    glad to brighten your day jimmy. anytime.