Vintage Reads #17: Tabloid '75

Today we're giving props to those insane tabloids of the 1970s - specifically The National News Extra.  There were tons like it, but TNNE is the cream of the crop IMHO.  I don't know really anything about the paper except that they specialized in manic headlines and way over-the-top articles.  Yes, the world according to TNNE was a violent and disgusting place.... but fun to read!

Let's have a look at the November 23, 1975 issue of TNNE.  The headlines promise some pretty juicy stuff - let's see if it delivers.

First we have a piece of hard hitting journalism regarding Henry Kissinger's propensity to mine for gold in that tremendous schnoz of his.

"He acts like someone dumped itching powder in his snuff box," one observer said in disgust. "He can't keep his fingers out of his nose. It's pathetic."....Another observer reported that the secretary's hands often were stained with a dark substance "that just smelled awful"...

 Next is an article about how extra terrestrials have infiltrated society, but we are unaware of their presence.  According to a "prominent" scientist, they give little clues to identify them as alien creatures... except, he has determined that they are all left handed.  Not to say all left handed people are aliens, just all aliens masquerading as humans.

Little known fact: "A mouse named Squeaky is going to cost Ronald Reagan his chance to become president." Accorting to The National News Extra "The former California Governor is turning off voters by the millions because he pulls the smelly little creature out of his jacket at political rallies and introduces it to the crowds."

There's more articles on Jackelopes, 11 year old truck drivers, and the standard Liz Taylor - Richard Burton scandal, but I think this is about all I can take.  If you want more, download the whole scanned issue


  1. I believe Squeaky was dealt with by Reagan's political handlers. "Sent to a lovely farm near Petaluma", the Governor was told.

    RIP little mouse.

  2. I. Love. This. I'm downloading the file just so I can read "Richard Loves Vodka More Than He Loves Me". What a hoot! Thanks fer sharin'.

  3. My favorite headline in a supermarket tabloid was "UFO's Hover Over Elvis' Grave". I actually got out of line so I could read the story. I was very disappointed as there was no story in the paper to match the headline.

  4. The Gipper ....ARRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!
    There goes the dang PTSD again.