Ads #40: Old School Beauty

Whadya think? Is this a good look for you? To me, this sort of crosses the line between eye shadow and clown paint.  But considering there once was a time when men wore powdered wigs and thick makeup, I guess it's not too shocking to believe this was once fashionable.


This is a hairstyle that has absolutely no need for this product.  Of all the possible hairstyles - beehives were around in 1961 - they chose this one. Very odd.

Every time you wear Hit, she appears

This man is not responding to the situation as I'd expect.  His expression does not match the action.  A beautiful woman is getting close - you are either startled or you are a real he-man and have a sly grin, relishing the opportunity for some lovin'.  To me, this guy looks like he's concocting a devilishly clever plan.... I'm just sayin'.

Obviously, the intent is to shock you with the fact that this product works for both blacks and whites. However, the woman on the left has messy disheveled hair and so reader's first answer is naturally "the woman on the left could use something." Not a good ad.

Lord, this woman's waist is freakishly small.  Does this "Tummy Trainer" somehow remove internal organs?

PIZZAZZ magazine 1978

Johnson's Baby Oil and Baby Shampoo were actually widely used by teenagers during the 1970s.  So, it was only natural they'd try to market something directly to that age group.  Baby Soft actually smelled like baby powder.  Kinda odd in retrospect.


  1. Hey - we all wore Love's Baby Soft! It was the thing for us tweens and teens back then!

  2. Love it! I believe the third ad is asking "Would you hit it?" Um, we'll take a pass.

  3. The Hit guy looks more Liberace-gay than interested in any plans she might have.

  4. The woman with the "freakishly small" waist is Betty Brosmer.

  5. The 'tummy trainer' indeed has a room only for her spine and digestion tract... it's just not healthy.

  6. wow those eyeshadow colors or pretty if someone were selling those eyeshadows on ebay and if it was selling it by the bulks i would buy them

  7. Betty Brosmer was gorgeous. I remember this ad. I bought one