Album Covers #15: Vinyl Español

Only for those over 18

Don't think that because you are an American, you have exclusive rights to horrifically awful album covers. Indeed, bad record covers know no borders; from Argentina to Zimbabwe, terrible cover art spans our entire globe - no country is immune.

Today, I'd like to focus on Hispanic perpetrators of bad cover art, specifically the Peruvians.  I think you'll agree, they're on par with other nations in degrees of badness.  Take for example, Vinko, shown above.  Why is he sporting big permed hair and grinning sheepishly behind that disturbing mask? Why is he one minute wearing a top hat, and the next leopard print lamé?  Perhaps, I don't want to know.

You are the star

"You are the star" Karaoke looks a bit awkward.  You really should have a few drinks beforehand to lighten the mood.  It looks as though our friend at the mike is dedicating this one to you, the viewer.

Julio Mori's Creole sax

Sweet Lord! Dig that chick on the sax!  Is that really Julio's saxophone player? Somehow, I doubt it.

Congrats Maritza... but the dude doesn't look too happy

The guy looks like he's going to be sick; he seems thoroughly disgusted by this whole situation.  He looks too old to be her father, so it must be the groom.  Congratulations Maritza..... I wish I could same the same for the guy next to you.

Keep on dancin'

I can only assume, judging by the posters and wallpaper, that everyone at this fandango is tripping big time.

What a Party!

Egad! Otto has a freakishly small woman in a bikini laying across his tabletop!  Perhaps this is what gnomes or leprechauns look like in Peru..... or Otto is a keyboard playing giant.

Room for Rent

I'm not fluent in Spanish, so I'm not quite getting something here.  His sign, I believe, reads "room for rent".... is there some naughty connotation to this?

I was confused on the last one, but now I'm just completely gone.  What the hell is going on?  Here's Otto again - it looks like he's dressed as a chef... in his underwear... grabbing a hold of a couple mamasitas. No comprendo.  Would someone please enlighten me on this one?


  1. Those last two - Spanish Benny Hill, but not the least bit funny?

  2. The album cover by Nestor Quintero (second to last pic, with the "room for rent") is meant as a double entendre.
    Te alquilo mi pieza = I'll rent you my room.
    Notice how on the sign he holds over his crotch the word "pieza" is in quotation marks. That's because it's meant to mean either room or penis. As in "I'll rent you my penis".
    In the last cover by Otto Rojas, Esto si que es bueno = This is really good. The word "bueno = good" is often used in slang Spanish to mean someone very attractive in a slutty kind of way, thus the two girls. The album's title is El Gran Fiestón = The Great Big Party.

  3. that "hideous mask" is Little Lulu, i believe.

  4. Thank you for clearing that up, luis. Much appreciated!

  5. It just goes to show that you can learn your spanish vocab, but nothing takes the place of knowing the vernacular.

  6. In Peru Little Lulu - the mask above - is known as La Pequeno Lulu. And very popular.