Found Photos #3: Wedding Day Snapshots


As a fan of old photographs, especially the amateur variety, it was interesting to find that there's a whole movement out there that appreciates the same thing.  There's a good deal of the so-called "vernacular photography" popping up in art shows and galleries across the world.  You could almost say the "found photos" aesthetic haa become an accepted artistic genre.

I personally prefer the candid variety as opposed to the whole family lined up awkwardly for a Polaroid shot.  However, you can't deny the enjoyment of some of these old wedding photographs - especially those around 1968-1972.  That's when the wedding attire became very untraditional and there were mini skirts galore.  You have the added bonus of massive heads of hair that nearly touch the church ceiling, plus plenty of color choices that would be out of the question today.

I wish this next photograph were more in-focus.  Then, we could get a better look at that dude hangin' out in the back.  He sort of resembles Wooderson from Dazed and Confused crossed with James Franco from Freaks and Geeks.... with the fashion sense of Mr. Furley from Three's Company.  Do you feel me on this one?

Of course, the best photos are not of the bride and groom, but rather the other folks enjoying a limitless supply of free drinks.

No, this is not a promotional still from Little House on the Prairie.  The granny dress style was popular in the seventies. Grandpa in the back is missing the mini skirts.

Ah, yes. The living room shot.  The groom has provided a nice little place to start their family, complete with a  vast sea of golden carpet.


The girls look stunning.  The guys look stunning as well, but in a "so awful as to stun a human being" sense of the word.

For my first vernacular photography art show I will call this next piece "Veil-O-Rama".

Notice this next photograph was found nowhere near the previous two photos - totally unrelated weddings.  Yet, dig the girls' styles and colors. Nearly identical with high hemlines and that omnipresent Harvest Yellow.


I don't know who any of these people are, but if one of them happens to be you, I'll promptly remove it at your request.  I hope you enjoyed these photographs, but don't thank me - thank the wedding photographers.

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  1. Wonderful! Scary and wonderful! Having been a bridesmaid in the early 70s and having turned down another stint the following year because I wasn't willing to spend more money on a completely hideous dress, I can only wonder if the women in the first photo are still on speaking terms.

    And this has now reminded me that in 1970 a friend asked me to photograph her wedding in order to save money. I remember I gave her the negatives, but I have prints. It wasn't pretty. Oh my you have really released a torrent of memories.

    And lest we forget probably the most popular song of the time that you were forced to sit through as it was being warbled by a friend of the bride was the theme for a commercial from a bank. "We've Only Just Begun" still sticks in my throat.

  2. Very nice. This takes me back to a couple of early '70s weddings in my family. Cheeseball! When my brother was married, their song was "Color My World" by Chicago. I remember "Sunrise, Sunset" as being very popular, too.

  3. Holy cow! Looks like you raided part of my parents' wedding album (married in 1971). And their song? Color My World by Chicago! Must have been a popular pick back then.

  4. Love the 60s attire - the 70s, not so much! Reminds me too much of my sisters' weddings. I never understood the floor length Little House on the Prairie look, after the miniskirt was all the rage just a few years earlier.

    Lots of female celebs wore notable miniskirt wedding dresses in the late 60s - just some quick names to come to mind are Sharon Tate and Yoko Ono.

  5. "vast sea of golden carpet" made me chuckle.

  6. These pictures remind me of going to my brother Bob's wedding in 1970 or 1971 as a little kid (6 or 7 years old). Thank you for sharing these!


  7. I just wanted to say that the flower girls are adorable. When you are five you can wear a giant green velvet hair bow with pride. And when you are eight a yellow gingham Little House on the Prairie dress is not out of the question.

  8. That very attractive woman on the left in the second to last picture resembles a teacher at my junior high in the early 70s, except her hair was lighter...when I was paying attention to her hair, lol.

  9. AnonymousJune 13, 2011

    What these photos are missing are the loud tuxedo colors complete with huge bow ties and ruffled shirts worn by the lucky groomsmen.