Mini Skirt Monday #65: Miniskirts and Guys Just Happy to Be There

This one is my favorite of the lot:: two very attractive females in miniskirts and one rather nerdy looking gentleman.  They don't look particularly happy to be pictured with him, and he looks painfully awkward and out of place. Other than his mother, this is probably the closest he's gotten to a young woman in his entire life; I'm sure he's sweating profusely.

Take a minute to check a few black and white pictures from the past featuring pretty girls in mini skirts alongside dudes who are just glad to be there.  None may be quite as mismatched as the one above, but they're fun nonetheless.

Lean on Me

Not sure what the story is here.  He's not really nerdy looking, but I can't help but notice there's six girls and one dude.  It looks like he doesn't play an instrument, but as soon as the girls leave, I'm sure he goes to town on his flute.

He got into teaching for the benefits and job security.  He stayed for the miniskirts.

No one can hear what's in this bus driver's head, but I'm guessing he's shouting praises and thanking the Lord above for the 70's.  I guarantee you, that big mirror above the bus driver's windshield is used on a regular basis.

I wonder if she actually believes he's listening to a word she's saying.  He's maintaining eye contact, but even that's a lost cause.

Kneel Before Me

I'm not sure what sort of award requires a man to get on his knees like that, but this strikes me as a rather kinky office situation.

Hobo Love

White skirt on hobo knee. A classic.

1972 Tennis Fashions

Licensed to Boat

Some 70's award

The guy on the left looks a tad unhealthy.  Get him a Scotch and soda and a pair of defibrillators asap.

The guy in front appears to be covering some unforeseen wood development.  How awkward.  Probably happened a lot back then.

If he had any sense, he would've had the girls go first.  What a dumbass.

"Maybe if she sees how good I am with animals, she'll say 'hi" to me in the hall."

The Vintage Classroom


  1. The guy standing in the bottom picture seems to be thinking "so that's what a girl looks like up close".

  2. The first photo looks like it could've been taken at a "Nixon In '72" fundraiser. No wonder they look so depressed, if that's where the photo was taken. Imagine how they must have looked during the Watergate hearings!

  3. In both the top two pictures the girls on the right has awesome legs! Sorry, that's about as insightful as I can get right now.

  4. OK as I am a little under the weather, this post made my day a little better.

  5. The girl in the 1st picture, the one on the right, is quite attractive. She doesn't look depressed at all.

  6. The 11th shot features Elke Sommer and 'Rocket' Rod Laver. Not sure who the other health nut is

  7. If the first picture had been taken in the 80s, it would have been called "bershon."

  8. In the 5th picture, I see that very attractive woman with her hand on the guy's shoulder. Always having had a thing for mature women, I would have been more interested in her (probably a teacher) than my female classmates.

  9. I have a feeling that the people in the first photo are siblings or related. They all seem to have simliar eyes. Probably a forced (the shorter girl seems pissed) impontu holiday (dude has reindeer sweater)group shot

  10. Does anyone other than me keep expecting to see someone they know in these pics?