Needlework A-Go Go #14

 As I've said before, needlework/craft leaflets are my favorite sources for vintage fashion.  Why? Because your standard fashion magazines (i.e. Vogue, Cosmo, Glamour, etc.) were so polished and oh-so-fashionable.  They weren't the sort of clothes your average person wore; whereas, these old leaflets showed real people, not airbrushed models photographed by famous avant garde photographers.  Only old catalogs (i.e. Sears, JC Penny) and old family photographs offer a comparable vision of fashions past.

Anyway, enough jibba jabba. On with the vintage needlework!

I was recently in one of those hobby stores and happened to see a display rack of needlework magazines.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of them were just as wonderfully amateur as they ever were.  There was a line of Vanna White needlework leaflets that warmed my heart - it was so much akin to the leaflets of yore.  I'm convinced, one day, many years from now, scans of those old Vanna needlework magazines will be posted on the Internet just as I'm doing here. (sniff - wiping tear from eye)

Sort of reminds me of a Dick Grayson and his young ward.  They'll be changing into their form-fitting leotards soon.  To the Batmobile!

Not a big fan of the 80s fashions, but I have to admit I kinda dig those shiny pants.

Is this sweater made of mulch?

She has a Loretta Switt vibe going here.

Never quite understood the crochet bathing suit trend.  I can't help but wonder how they held up once they got wet.

Yeesh.  Put some wood paneling in the background and it would look like a 70s porn mag.

Okay, maybe my mind is in the gutter after that last one, but this looks less like a crochet magazine than it does a porn magazine. "Golden Hands" would be a good title for one.

Ditto.  See comment above.


  1. I was probably about 13 and we were on our yearly vacation at a little old resort in the Lake of the Ozarks. There was another family that we met there and every year we scheduled our stays together. They had a daughter my age, cute as a button with fantastic dimples. We had fun in the pool together a lot, swimming between each other's legs. She said she had a knit bikini, but her dad wouldn't let her wear it. Oh how the blood rushed to the appendage when she described it to me, and I tried my damnedest to get her to model it for me. I was lucky enough to talk her into it and got a quick peek in their doorway. It was white.

    Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of swimsuits of this type. Just think of all those little holes you can see through.

  2. Who knew there was a way to make knitting or crocheting sexy???

  3. Couture Crochet looks like a fun mag.

  4. Yeaaah, they should issue some kind of disclaimer: "Crochet bathing suits not to be worn wet." I mean, I guess it would be okay if you were just lounging beside the pool or if it was some kind of thin cotton twil but not wool. Definitely not wool. O_o

    I think the "mulch" sweater is a chenille yarn. They are this thin string with a sort of fuzzy bit on the side so when you knit/crochet with it, the fuzzy bit has been knit together. Its really nice. (and hard to describe, lol)I have a sweater like that but its all white.

  5. "Bruce Wayne, and his youthful ward (played by Burt *Ward*, oddly) Dick Grayson," I think you meant to say. And, yes, it *does* remind me of that.

  6. Nevermind the mulch...dig those 80s leather pants!