Needlework A-Go Go #15

I'm well aware there's many of you going: "Damn. Another stupid yarn post!"  Just know that these posts get pretty good traffic, and there's probably just as many of you out their disappointed when there's a non-fashion related post (i.e. movie, TV, music).

So, for those of you that can appreciate a good needlework post, here's some vintage scans from the 60s and 70s,  I hope you enjoy them.  The next two are actually my all-time favorite needlework leaflet covers.  Absolutely fantastic in terms of fashion and kitsch.

BTW these two color images are the front and back of the same leaflet.

This is an interior image.  Nice.

The fonts, the composition, the wackiness... these got it all right.  I'm not sure if it helped sell sweaters, but it definitely gave it appeal fifty years later.

I'm not so sure the same can be said for the next one...

Here's another Aunt Lydia leaflet.

And, last but not least, a Spinnerin leaflet with a music theme.  These are just fantastic.

spinnerin vol_ 215 cover

spinnerin vol_ 215 back

spinnerin vol_ 215 inside 1

spinnerin vol_ 215 inside 2

spinnerin vol_ 215 inside 3


  1. mwahaha I could NEVER get sick of Neddlework-A-Go-Go! :D

  2. These posts remind me so much of my Mom. She still tries to make my daughter stuff. I've told her kids today just don't wear things like that! She won't listen. She tried to put rhinestones and beads on a denim jacket for her. **face palm**

  3. You are excused, ha, these pictures are really good. The positions are so antique, people don't and possibly cannot stand like this nowadays.

  4. Too bad somebody in the studio didn't notice they had the kick drum on its side. And how many upright bass players play southpaw? They're pretty rare. Yes, things like this bug music geeks, even in wacky things like this where it doesn't matter.

  5. BTW, that chick in the top photo. Hoooo-WEE is she cute. And look at those wonderful thin, tan hands. No Ding Dongs in her diet.

  6. Are they doing The Elaine Dance from Seinfeld in that last picture?

  7. Damn. Another stupid yarn post! Just kidding. My mom had a throw rug that looks like the shawl the woman is wearing in pic #3.

  8. No I'm always like "Damn another stupid Podcast!" LOL! (kidding). My mom continues to make things for my twin girls. She doesnt even let me choose because I would totally dig that red 'Spinnerin' sweater for me or them but nooo everyting looks like a walking Americana Quilt.

  9. The funny thing is I have some Aunt Lydia's yarn, and 'heavy rug yarn' is exactly right. I certainly can't imagine wearing a sweater made from it!

  10. I'm sure my wife uses some Aunt Lydia's stuff. She uses mostly thread for crochet, not yarn. Maybe that's what they sell at Wal-Mart.

  11. To preserve her sanity, my wife knitted through the entire Justin Beber movie (with my daughter). I don't think she would've made it without yarn.

  12. I just want to say that I enjoy these yarn posts very much and never get tired of them! The very concept of people MAKING their own clothes with a very time consuming technique is amazing. They could have bought clothes off the rack, but no, they want the satisfaction of saying "I made this" and I can relate to that.