Obscure Grooves #16: More Disco Dynamite

Well, they supposedly killed disco on July 12, 1979, but at Retrospace, the beat lives on.  I love pretentious prog rock and have been to my share of metal concerts, but there will always be a place in my soul reserved for disco.  Attribute it to being raised on ABBA and KC & the Sunshine Band if you like; the fact remains, I'm still here spreading the Good Word: Disco Lives!

"Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" by Baccara

Bionic Boogie - Hot Butterfly

"Hot Butterfly" by Bionic Boogie

And you thought Joe Satriani was the only musician to invoke the Silver Silver!
"Disco Cosmic Dancer" by Chris Craft

"Playboy" by France Joli

"Lemme See Ya Getchyer Thing Off, Baby" by Crystal Grass

"Devil's Run" by the Peter Jacques Band

"Get Off Your Ahh! and Dance" by Foxy

"Party Line" by Andrea True Connection


  1. You, sir, are a true disco geek. Those are definitely some obscure disco tracks.

  2. Thank you, my good man. I will take that as a compliment.

  3. I always loved that Baccara's track, although it's kinda embarassing. I think, you may get the kick out of 'Arabesque', they were from Germany; check them out if you like.

  4. I too, have always loved disco, even when it wasn't cool.

  5. I was a young single adult in the 1970s and when I went out clubbing disco music was everywhere. It was never the kind of music I would sit around and listen to at home (although there are a few disco tracks on my iTunes) but you couldn't beat it for dancing in a club.

  6. Another comment. It is my impression that disco was very self referential, that is, many disco songs were about disco. Most of the songs you have here are that way. The Baccara song seems typical of the genre.

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  8. If you are using Spotify, then this list may deliver some aural pleasure: 640 disco songs (some obscure and some v-e-r-y obscure). Enjoy! :: hkn ::