Retrospace Podcast #13

It's time once again to travel through narrow streets of cobblestone to read the words of the prophets written on subway walls: "The Retrospace Podcast Is Here".   It's time to take a bus on a psychedelic trip, read some murder books trying to stay hip..... and say your prayers. Yes, this is a journey into sound.  Are you down for another trip?





Sex Pistols radio spot
"Citizen Freak" by The 49th Parallel
Mr. Drysdale and Ms. Hathaway (The Beverly Hillbillies Album)
Theme song for "Fish"
Uncle Buck's 5 Year Plan
"Viva Knievel" title song
Clip from the movie Airplane
"Psychic Vampire" by Space Opera (1971)
Pigs in Space (The Muppet Show)
Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries TV theme
Clip from Black Dynamite theme
Comment from Statler and Waldorf (The Muppet Show)
"Unpack Your Adjectives" Schoolhouse Rock


  1. These are really great. Wish they were longer cause I could listen to this kind of stuff for hours.

  2. Rainy days & Mondays always get me down.. until I hear Gilligan's latest podcast! When Viva Knievel started, I was tempted to rip my earphones out so the whole office could hear!

    These just better & better. :)

  3. I concur, could a series of the podcasts be linked together for one big hour long mega mix....these things are AWESOME..... Knievel, Fish and especially the Hardy/Drew Theme...man that was a great piece of music! And Unpack your adjectives is one of the great less often heard School House Rocks, loved it!