The Vintage Home #10

1974 Woman's Day interior 4

Wow. My brain can barely handle this; it's hard to say which startles me the most. Is it the mirrored Rubik's Cube end table? Or maybe its the overbearing level of blue in the room.... or perhaps the odd way tiny flower pots are hung on a lattice fence?  Who knows - but it's interesting to look at.  You've got to hand it to designers in the seventies - they weren't shy about experimenting.  Perhaps all that recreational drug use gave them the courage.

Anyway, take a few minutes and have a look at a few other bold interiors from this 1974 issue of Woman's Day magazine.

1974 Woman's Day interior 3

I'm okay with this; however, the metallic lamp behind the couch looks like someone is storing their gas furnace exhaust vent in the living room.  The metal floor decoration looks like alien head-wear.

1974 Woman's Day interior 5

So chaotically put together, it looks like a booth at a flea market. The books stuffed in a pocket on the pillow chair is a nice touch.  That's an Omaha phone book BTW and the game on the shelf is Score Four.  I can't make out the book titles though.

I'd also like to add that the
rug is the perfect color to hide all those bong water stains.

1974 Woman's Day interior 2

The entire wall and floor seems to be covered in small reflective red squares.  Can you imagine the tension headaches you'd get living like this? The yellow frame apparently holds a picture of the void. That's deep, man.

1974 Woman's Day interior 1

What kind of room is this? Is this an office? There's a wine rack, a shag throw rug, some trippy wall art, and of course the DOOR! DOOR! DOOR! DOOR!


  1. Love how you can move the tables around and change the pattern in the 2nd picture.

    Is that 'door' based on the uno cards design?

  2. Good night, talk about bad taste. And this was in Woman's Day not some interior decorating trendy book?

  3. Yamma-Hamma! I think I figured out why people had more headaches back in the '70s.

  4. It's one thing to look back on these old catalogs and see these crazy designs, but did anyone actually live in surroundings like this. I lived for 10 years. more or less, in the 1970s and I don't remember walking into anybody's house and seeing anything like this.

  5. Yeah, I don't think Woman's Day was known for good decorating taste. Yellow & green sex toy in #3. The shorter green one is for beginners I guess.

  6. The encyclopedia set in #3 looks like something for children, which puts that comment about the cylindrical object in an interesting light.

  7. The "Door" reminded me of Kotter's apartment in Welcome Back Kotter, had bold lines painted from the ceiling that ended with words where the lines led, like closet. you can see a glimpse of one bit here...