Mini Skirt Monday #68: Lovebirds

1969 tilt-a-whirl

Well, Spring is finally here, and it's only right that we devote this mini episode to love. The vintage minis for today will all feature a couple of lovebirds with one wearing a miniskirt (sorry, no pictures of boys in short skirts, only chicks). Yes, I know.  I've already done a couples theme for Miniskirt Monday; but that was nearly a year ago, so we're due for another. What's to say except - enjoy another round of minis with your Monday.

love american style

chicks dig red pants

the heyday of paneling

2 on a piano seat

(found photo) dated 1970
Jim Cannella


  1. Great. I don't have a boyfriend OR a miniskirt.
    My life is empty.


  2. Perhaps a Tight Slacks Tuesday? no?

  3. Forget the miniskirts - I'm digging the sideburns on some of these guys! Fantastico!

    One of the guys in black and white looks like Tom Hanks...

  4. Hey! Tight Slacks Tuesday! I second that idea! :D

  5. I like Tight Slacks Tuesday, too. What's good for women is good for the guys!!

  6. That is one scary Klaus Kinski-looking guy in the fourth picture.

    Three pictures after that is Gopher from "The Love Boat."

  7. I third this Tight Slacks Tuesdays Idea :D

  8. I Still got original pairs of 1977 Big Bell Bell bottoms that fit me 30 years later - imagine that ! unbelieveable !

  9. Not only do you have Gopher from the Love Boat, you have Ernie from My Three Sons all grown up. (With the girl in the yellow dress.)