Needlework A-Go Go #16: 1001 Fashion Needlecraft Ideas (1971)

1001 fashion needlecraft ideas 1

When I see Mama Partridge on the cover of a needlecraft book, I pounce like a lion and grab it and don't let go.  Yes, I'm sure I'm just about the only person on Planet Earth whose heart races at a forty year old book on yarn craft, but so be it.  The images inside did not disappoint, either.  Check out a few!

1001 fashion needlecraft ideas 2

1001 fashion needlecraft ideas 3

1001 fashion needlecraft ideas 5

1001 fashion needlecraft ideas 6

1001 fashion needlecraft ideas 7

The next few are from a Columbia Minerva "Carefree Crochets" leaflet.  The images inside are exceptionally well done.  I simply had to share.

carefree crochets 1

carefree crochets 2

carefree crochets 3

carefree crochets 4

carefree crochets 5

carefree crochets 6

carefree crochets 7

And we'll finish it off with a couple from 1968.

1968 put-ons 1

1968 put-ons 2


  1. Thats Shelly Hack in a couple of photos.

    Charlies Angels (Kate Jacksons replacement)

  2. Holy shit snacks! How much do you think Shirley and David got paid for that gig? That vest thing he had to wear; what is that, an Apache radiation apron?

  3. Oh dear! You have to love Shirley on the cover! If anyone can pull off a crochet hat she can. But what was darling David thinking?

    He really was a boy masquerading in a girls body or is it vice versa??...and to think I used to lust after him as an 11 year old girl!!

    So bad it's almost good!!

  4. Aha - I thought that was Shelly Hack.

  5. Yeah, I wonder... she must have just been a model then. Cool! I just watched her the other night in The Stepfather.

  6. @armpit studios: "an Apache radiation apron?" - that took me a minute but once I figured out what you were talking about I lol'ed. nice!

  7. This has got to be the best yarn post yet! Shirley Jones on the cover, David Cassidy wearing what seems to be a dress with fringes, Shelley Hack in several pics, and a girl wearing a cape made from a polar bear! Pure gold!

  8. Your mystery girl is in a few of these also, isn't she?

  9. Shelley Hack just rocks. Funny enough, I think I saw some boots like that just the other day too.
    What goes around...

  10. Good eye, RetroHound. She is indeed... of course, it's almost harder to find fashion modeling she WASN'T in. She was ubiquitous, yet no one knows her name.

  11. Doesn't picture #5 look like Gwyneth Paltrow?

    I know she is too young, but still ... dead ringer.

  12. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    The model in the fifth pic from the bottom is actress Season Hubley, who at one time was married to Kurt Russell (she played Priscilla to his Elvis in the 1979 TV movie "Elvis".