Retrospace Podcast #14

Treat yourself to another life changing edition of the Retrospace Podcast. But I must warn you: limit yourself to 4 - 5 listens per day.  Otherwise, your brain will grow tolerant to its drug-like magic, and you will need more and more.  Eventually, you will be unable to function in society.  Sadly, we've had several cases of addicts who had to be "put down". It wasn't pretty.

All things in moderation.  Enjoy.




Track List
  • generic 70s background music
  • quote: Roddy Piper from They Live
  • Young Nurses radio spot
  • "Houdini Said" by Gilbert O'Sullivan
  • Mr. Kotter joke
  • Underdog theme song
  • The Brady Bunch singing group promo
  • Laverne and Shirley theme
  • Disney's The Misadventures of Merlin Jones radio commercial
  • "It's Allright to Cry" by Rosie Grier from the Free to be You and Me soundtrack
  • Quote: Chet from Weird Science
  • "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" by The Carpenters


  1. Downloaded it! Hope to listen very soon!

  2. Wow! I literally felt like I raced through a time machine. Thank goodness I didn't come back in polyester!

  3. Too late. I already can't function in society.

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  5. nice segue - putting the Bradys before L&S.

  6. Where do you even begin putting these together......my only criticism.......they are not nearly LONG ENOUGH!!! I could listen to these all day long......the biggest revelation on podcast 14 was "Interplanetary Craft" and finally hearing Rosie Greer sing! Another fantastic "Retro" collection of soundbytes and songs!!!!

  7. Is there anyplace to get these podcasts as the rapidshare service no longer works?