Sex Sells #22:

Peruvian carpet ad

God forbid you just show the carpet.... no, you've got to drape a pretty woman across it, smiling at you invitingly.  Of course, the "sex sells" principle is a tried and true selling technique, one that I've discussed a lot about here on Retrospace.  So, I won't go into detail about the principle.  Instead, you and I can just admire the ads.

This time 'round, we'll take a look at a few Hispanic examples of products marketed using this technique.  The combination of a Sexual Revolution in full swing and a permissiveness towards sexuality in Latin American countries makes for some real interesting advertising!

Buy these shirts and naked women will literally throw themselves on you. And you will look upon it indifferently.

Faucett Peru Airlines

Believe it or not, this is actually an airline ad.  No airplanes, no pilots, no airport.... just a young woman giving you her flower.  Works for me.

Believe it or not, this next Suzuki ad is the only one in its series that was suitable for Retrospace.  Evidently, Suzuki produced a series of Spanish  Italian ads in the seventies which featured full nudity.... I don't recall the same advertising appearing in The States.  Correct me if I'm wrong.


The mind reels at this next one. This may be the strongest example of implied sexual content in mainstream advertising I've ever seen.


And last but not least, this is how they advertised bicycles in Peru during the seventies.   I don't remember my Huffy and Schwinn ads having the same sex appeal.


  1. Dios santo! This makes me sad.

  2. btw, suzuki's ad is italian...

  3. Thanks costanza. It's been corrected.

  4. The Suzuki one says (if my italian is holding up)
    Women and motorcycles are all equal. but some are "more" equal. For example in temperment.

  5. I think this is an ad for a car, but I can't be sure.


  6. Give it about 2 more Months and we'll all be back on Bicycles - with these gas prices going the way their going - so get out your cameras and take photos NOW - so 30-40 years from now - you too can post some photos of how we were getting by in the years 2080 and 2090, as you get older, you'll look back to today 2011, and laugh, that is if there is still a planet left then in 2080 - 2090 ???