Vintage Reads #21: Dirty Books Front and Back

Oh, man this is a lot of fun.  These old adult paperbacks have some of the best descriptions.  The covers are great, but you really miss out if you don't read the back.  Too often we scan and preserve the wonderfully sleazy covers but neglect the back.  Well, the injustice ends here.  I've posted a bunch of paperback covers - both front and back for your reading enjoyment.  I've quoted some of the best lines below the images, but if you want to see it full size, just click the image.  Enjoy!

"American swappers, ever anxious to find new methods of sexual enjoyment with new partners, are turning more and more to girls from foreign lands.....Some U.S. men even marry barely pubescent Oriental girls and bring them home to be sexual playthings - sometimes for their friends too!"

"The Alumnae Bulletin always seemed to miss so much of the real news: the alcoholic fun and games, the fancy footwork in and out of beds... As a knife edged saga of Life Among the Blue Bloods, it's highly recommended to all."

"Debbie, impatient and curious, was fourteen when she found herself with five eager high school athletes in a locker room; the taste of sexual freedom lingered with her until she got to college where she let her lusts rage rampant"

"While Janet sat sedately at her desk.... people were making plans for her, plans that involved lots of liquor and lots of money, great pleasure and a good deal of eventual embarrassment..."

"Desperate to escape the sex jungle, their ruthless pursuit of pleasure trapped them in, they sought out Dr. Vic Storm - a new breed of psychiatrist know to both friends and enemies as - LOVEMASTER"

"People who didn't know the inside facts thought the girls who belonged to the exclusive sorority were just a bunch of campus kids out for a good time.  They changed their minds when the lid blew right off the peaceful college town, uncovering an incredible story of depravity"

"What was wrong about wanting your best friend's wife, when she was giving you every come on short of a spoken invitation?  And he wouldn't be the first."

"When a psychiatric counselor decided to interview six barmaids, he got an earful of sexual information which was so frank and shocking, it would just amaze the public.  The transcripts of their intimate confessions of their rampant sexual activity with heavy tipping customers made this professional researcher's ears burn!"

"Merton the actor's agent, who could make or break anybody in show business... it gave him the power to take what he wanted... and he wanted all the hot, young bodies he saw"

"Here, pretty young girls have only one function - just one! Here, men regard sex as cheaply as a drink of water - you take it when you want it!"

"Bored, she turned to the exotic, the bizarre, for thrills... There was no thrill, no perversion she hadn't experienced and then discarded to sate her jaded appetite."


  1. Really good stuff! Except the woman on that last one looks like some scary combination of Phyllis Diller and Endora. Maybe that's why the back cover starts with "Rich witch"?

  2. Fortunately, for you men anyway, "Nymphomania" only strikes twenty year old models.
    At least that is how it looks in all the paperbacks.

    Good collection of fronts and backs. I always love the selling of good literature.

  3. Reminds me of that Sedaris short story about a family that finds one of these, hysterical misspellings intact; the family members read it surreptitiously, one by one. Paperback keeps "disappearing" from its hiding place!

    What tawdry covers and ridiculous descriptions -fun! Except for the second one, which gives me the heebie jeebies. Human traffiking, ugh.

  4. LOL LOL LOL! Love vintage paperbacks - they were so risque!

  5. We're being invaded by nymphomaniacs? The rest of you, save yourselves. I'll try to keep them occupied as long as I can.