Vintage Scan #33: Spanish Newspaper Movie Ads from the Seventies


I thought it might be mildly interesting to check out some newspaper ads from Spain published in the 1970's.  Why? For one, I'm always interested in anything from this decade, and, for another, I'm always interested in other cultures.  You can honestly tell a lot about a society by its newspapers, and movie ads are great reflections of the times.

I mostly picked lesser known flicks - I'm not so much interested in the Spanish ads for blockbusters like Rocky or Jaws.  Five Pillows for a Night (see ad above) is a perfect example. I'll do my best to translate these, but I'm by no means fluent.  Please correct or add to this post in a comment. Enjoy!

"Students are very distracted when the lever is always wrong."  I know I can't be translating this right, but I think I get the gist of it.


Something like "Her..... Them.... and the Law"
Also known as: Colpo grosso, grossissimo... anzi probabile


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

some like it hot

"A top title in the Gold List of comedy movies"
This is Some Like it Hot, but the title translates to something like "with skirts and craziness"


The Glass Ceiling


What a creepy effing clown! No, it's not Stephen King's It, but rather The Greatest Show on Earth.

The note at the bottom reads: There are gifts for girls born before 1956.

An "extraordinary double bill" indeed! Sounds like a lot of fun.

Something like: "That guy! Two women for him...." something, something, something.  Can't quite get this one.


No sex, please.... we are British


For the first time on the screen, the true story of the powerful organization dedicated to crime, terrorism and violence.

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  1. The third to last one that you couldn't translate reads:
    What a guy! Two hot women for him, even if he was repressed.
    I find the second movie in that same ad more interesting, the Michael Cane one, "Dangerous Stories - and adventure as delicious as it is deadly."