Found Photos #4: Celebrate Good Times

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Most found photos consist of either a wedding, a vacation or a party.  People just don't take pictures while they're doing mundane things like watching the tube or mowing the lawn; although, these can be the most interesting to found photo enthusiasts. The candid shot of an everyday routine captures the essence of the times better than any posed wedding photo with glasses raised.

That being said, you can still have a lot of fun with party photographs. So, let's analyze them to death, and see if we can find something interesting about them.

For instance, take a look at the photo above.  Never mind the chicks acting silly for the camera.  I'm lookin' at the dude in the back. Does this wallflower in stripes know he's being forever immortalized, but wasn't quick enough to slip out of view? At second glance, he appears to be engaged in conversation, so perhaps he's not the shady character I was hoping he would be.

It appears to be at someone's house (given the phone and end table in the back) and it appears to be winding down (given the crumbs on the tablecloth).  Must've been a lot of fun to still be acting jovial this late in the game.

Remember the parties in the wood paneled rec room? These appear to be teenagers, but the what hell are they doing? I'm not sure if it's Christmas or not - the thing hanging from the ceiling is the right color, but what is it?  Are they dancing to a song? The guy in the center looks mortified, and the chick to his right is wearing tights and Bermudas! I'd say it was some church youth group but there's a Haight-Ashbury poster in the background, so that makes it somewhat doubtful.

This looks like one helluva Christmas shindig.  They're rolling beer bottles with their noses, and they're wearing kooky party hats.... wish I'd been there.  Although, given some of the legs on the sideline, it appears there's geezers present. Also, it doesn't seem like a swingers' party or one with drugs around - probably an office party or a family gathering.  Perhaps it's not as wild as I first guessed.

Oh, my Lord. I have no idea what to make of this.  Is this a Halloween party - the guy on the right seems to be in costume, and the guy in the back is donning an odd hat.  Is she really horrified by her dress being yanked up by these assholes? Why aren't the two creepy guys on the left giving the appropriate reactions? They're not smiling or looking surprised at all.  In fact, one looks completely nonplussed, while the other looks like he wants to sexually assault her.

Thumbtacked to the wall are: an EPA ad, a picture of a dude wearing a lay, and a playhouse bulletin.  Was this an after hours get together at the local playhouse? I guess we'll never know.

If you'd like to share your own observations, I am, as always, looking forward to hearing them.


  1. The guy on the right seems to be wearing what might be an angel costume, and his hair is sprayed with some temporary gray color. The cowboy also seems to be in costume. The other two men - it's hard to tell whether those are costumes are not.

    Her dress seems to be designed to be yanked up. The underwear is extremely modest and doesn't match either the green shiny material or the "sexy" red garter (also meant to be seen).

    The bulletin board in back looks like a place to pin up cards of congratulation, mementos, opening-night greetings, etc.

    I'd guess it was horsing around backstage at a community theater production. They're either surprising her by reenacting something that happens in the play where she gets her dress lifted up... or maybe it's a photo staged to send to the local newspaper to get publicity for the show. The two guys don't seem to be actually lifting the dress, but rather holding it up, as if for the picture, while she makes a "surprised" face.

    Is there a well-known comedy or musical that has an angel, a cowboy and a sexpot?

  2. Awesome diagnosis, Kevin. Very Sherlock Holmes-ish. Now, if we could only determine the play's name...

  3. nonplussed: to cause to be at a loss as to what to say, think, or do: PERPLEX syn see PUZZLE

  4. Is that John Krasinski in the cowboy hat?


  5. That first pic isn't a house I don't think. Look at the industrial floor and light switches... also, the walls are eeirily blank for any house of the period. Really? Who would have such BLANK walls? So un-hip.

    My guess is soem sort of church basement/ multi-function room. The sort of place that might be furnished with donated stuff. Oh! Maybe an American Legion hall.

    Wherever it is, I'd be willing to bet the lamp is still there.