Mini Skirt Monday #70: Mini Skirt Mix Tape

There's an ample amount of songs with "miniskirt" in the lyrics; however, only a handful with it in the title. Here's the only ones I could dredge up from the past - if you can conjure up a song that I missed, please leave it in a comment.

I'm not making any promises about the quality of the songs - some are good some are bad.  But all of them have "mini skirt" in the title, and that should count for something. Enjoy.


Track List
Bob Crewe Generation - Miniskirts In Moscow
Fluegal Knights - Miniskirt Waltz
Israel ''Popper Stopper'' Tolbert- Big Leg Woman (With A Short Short Mini Skirt)
Iveys- Girl in a Mini Skirt
Juan GarcĂ­a Esquivel- Mini Skirt
Leigh Spear- Minnie In Her Mini-Skirt
Max Romeo- Mini-Skirt Vision  
Rehabilitation Cruise- Mini Skirts
Sir Mack Rice- Mini-Skirt Minnie
Sparks- Mini-Skirted
Performers- Mini Skirt
Sleepwalkers- Mini Skirt (Instrumental)
Wilson Pickett- Mini Skirt Minnie
Note: The Fluegal Knights track appears to be a partial file. My bad.