Mini Skirt Monday #71: More Minis in Advertising

cera liquida dabri (liquid wax)

Around 1970 miniskirts were featured in nearly every advertisement out there. Case in point: check out the  ad above.... if it's in a furniture wax ad, it's bound to turn up anywhere.  The formula seems to be: text + product + miniskirt = sales.  I'm not saying it's always an example of the tried and true "sex sells" marketing strategy, but rather just relying on the mysterious magic of the miniskirt.  If you've got a product to sell, whether it be to men or women, hitch your wagon to a star - the miniskirt.  Let's see a few more examples of this unbeatable formula in action....

Free Nylons Ad
Knox gelatin drink + miniskirt

Many mini colors
lipstick  + miniskirt 

Let's play pin the button
Scotch + miniskirt 

if she doesn't give it to you, get it yourself!
after shave + miniskirt

She loves Ginormous Cigarettes!
 coffin nails + miniskirt

Grande Blonde
booze + miniskirt

Goodyear Neolite - 1968
rubber soles + miniskirt

Are you with the times?
 tampons + miniskirt

Beautyrest Ad
 mattress + miniskirt

Hitachi ad 1970
 TV + miniskirt

France Gall suitcase ad
 luggage + miniskirt

Yellow Pages Ad from the 1970's
 heat pump + miniskirt

Smith's Furniture Store Ad
furniture + miniskirt

 auto miniatures + miniskirt

dye + miniskirt


  1. Yeah, it seems kind of obvious to use a mini when you're selling a beauty product like perfume but model cars? XD

  2. My grandfather worked for Carrier. Back when a blue collar job was a decent living wage.

  3. Of course scale cars! Their target audience was boys.

  4. Great stuff, thanks for collecfting it. The Scotch advertisement was used on a Sixties/Seventies CD compilation called "Blow Up" in the Nineties.

  5. Colleen Corby leftmost in the Tangee ad.

    American Goddess.

    P.S. : thanks for all the pleasure that your site has given to me.

  6. Amazing set of miniskirt/dress ads!
    The one with France Gall is priceless. Never knew she did that sort of ads.