Needlework A-Go Go #17: Women's World Knit and Crochet 1973

Womans World Knit and Crochet 1973 (1)

Are you ready for a "fantastic collection of kicky, young fashions"? I know I am.  The basic materials of the seventies were yarn, marijuana and fondue.... sometimes all at the same time. And I am proud to be a leader in brining you one more long lost example of material number one: Women's World Knit and Crochet (1973). It is my quest to have all vintage needlework booklets ever published scanned and on the shelves of the Retrospace Public Library. 

Care for some marijuana and fondue while you browse?

Womans World Knit and Crochet 1973 (16)

Nothing makes me more sick than the amount of dough thrown down at weddings these days - it's absolutely idiotic.  Look, I get it - your wedding is special.  But maybe dropping thirty grand is a bit excessive (the average today is over $25,000 - often totally on credit).  Wedding dresses go for a thousand on average.... but take a look at the handmade item above.  People just didn't break the bank on weddings back in the day.

Womans World Knit and Crochet 1973 (14)

What's bizarre about this one is that it looks so 80's, yet this knitting pamphlet was published in 1973.  I can just picture Lisa Bonet or Jamie Gertz in this outfit.  I have a very keen eye for that seventies look, and this one would've stumped me.

Womans World Knit and Crochet 1973 (13)

Johnny Depp and Selma Blair? Couldn't be. I think they were no more than embryos in '73.

Womans World Knit and Crochet 1973 (12)

Yeesh.  Those knitted tops could be quite revealing.... and this chick is definitely give me the look.

Womans World Knit and Crochet 1973 (11)

Rita Coolidge's "We Are All Alone" comes to mind.

Womans World Knit and Crochet 1973 (10)

The yarn world's version of "Three's Company".

Womans World Knit and Crochet 1973 (9)

Oh, yes.  I remember the days of big-ass glasses with crazy tints. I like that look, oddly enough.

Womans World Knit and Crochet 1973 (8)

I dig the pants/boots and the funky belt, but mostly I like that yellow tissue-paper hanging light; they were everywhere once upon a time.

Womans World Knit and Crochet 1973 (5)

I like it.... but I'm not quite sure what it is.  Is it an undergarment, swimwear, or casual attire? It was the seventies, so I'm guessing all of the above.

Womans World Knit and Crochet 1973 (4)

Is it just me, or does she look like she needs a good night sleep?

Womans World Knit and Crochet 1973 (3)

Oh, Sweet Lord.  This is insanely bad.  No matter how hard you try, you cannot unsee this. It will always be a part of you.


  1. I just love this blog, discovered it this weekend and spent HOURS reading it. I graduated in 76, this brings back soooo many wonderful memories. My mom used to pay a lady to crochet vests for me. I would give anything to find patterns like those again. Thanks so much. PS-I still have all my old albums.

  2. The last three were unnecessary. You are a sick individual. What gets me is that someone actually MADE these. What also gets me is I used to see girls wearing thiws stuff in public when I was in my 20s in the 70s. no one has any time to do this stuff anymore. The only one who did back then was your grandma and she wasn't hip enough to make the outfits that look good here. I know. I used to have sweaters mine made for me that I wore for one picture to send back to her and filed in a draawer, Just bad too long sleeves and yarn that would pill immediately. Sheesh! Send me money instead!

  3. The green/black polka dot with pink stripes is a puzzler. Why anyone would put those colors together is beyond me.

    Great, now I'm hungry for fondue.

  4. My wife just crocheted a sweater. Or course it's the kind you wear something under it. Took her three years to complete it. http://exquisitecrochetdainties.blogspot.com/2011/04/ta-dah-finally.html