Magazines #20: Magazine Sharity

It's time once again for you to thank me profusely and shower me with generous donations, because I've got more stuff to share.  In all seriousness, this is some good stuff.  My phone is chock full of old comics and mags; so, if you see a guy on a plane reading an old issue of Dynamite or Vampirella on his phone, tap him on the shoulder - it's probably me.  Now you too can live in the past whilst waiting in line or during boring meetings. The first offering features Rerun on the cover, so it's a no brainer that you'll have to download this one.

Download: Right On! February 1977

The National Limelight is about as trashy and poorly written as any tabloid I've seen. It's tacky, sleazy (no nudity), paranoid, and just straight up dumb..... but a pure delight to read. Relish its badness, savor its illiteracy, and let its awfulness wash over you. It is sensationally bad.

Articles include:
"My wild party brought the house down.... for real"
"I need a wild man to keep me in line"
"I'm 10 times clumsier than Maxwell Smart"

Download - National Limelight, June 1966

If you want a taste of late seventies whitebread culture at its finest, look no further than Marvel's Pizzazz magazine.  Every page a delicious treat of Suzanne Somers, Frampton, Leif, and a whole mess o' Gibbs.

Download: Pizzazz July 1978

And last but by no means least, is Rona Barrett's Gossip.  I was actually surprised at this one. I thought it was going to be just another boring supermarket tabloid, but this thing delivered the goods.  TMZ has got nothing on this rag.

Download: Rona Barrett's Gossip May 1974


  1. Sorry to sound like such an ungrateful jerk but...if you had released these in PDF (or any other format people have actually heard of) then we'd be able to read it on our phones too. :)

  2. In Kitchener,Ontario we have a used bookstore named Casablanca. They have vintage Mad mags, a huge by category adult section, complete with smut novellas, girly mags and videos/DVDs. They also carry almost everything in between. It's faboo!
    They also have a wee 70's mag collection, Rona Barrett, Starlogs, even some Famous Monsters. I recommend you check it out.

  3. "He killed his wife with a bowling ball"...LOL! 45 years later he kills me by making me die laughing!

  4. Er, what? I assumed cbr was widely familiar. I read cbr stuff on my droid every day.

    I'll make a mental note of that, though, and make 'em PDFs next time.

  5. CBRs are cooler in my opinion. Can read the pages horizontally.

  6. Here's another vote for sticking with cbr! Please don't switch. Acrobat pdf files are unnecessarily large and slow. There are free cbr reader apps available for all smartphones and tablets, so it shouldn't be an obstacle if someone really wants to read them on a phone.

  7. I developed an easy way to convert CBRs to PDF so it doesn't really matter for me. Honestly though, Droid users are the minority, they are just so damned loud you think there are more of them than there really are. For maximum compatibility, PDF is probably best since basically every computer has a reader on it, and so to all the iOS things.