Vinyl Dynamite #29: Barbarella


It doesn't get much groovier than this, folks.  Bob Crewe always had that hep bachelor pad music vibe, and with the Barbarella soundtrack he added a dash of psychedelia.  The result: some of the grooviest far-out music ever recorded.

In Hollywood's unfaltering quest to remake everything ever made, they have moved on to this little gem.  I hate to tell them that, unless they're going for an Austin Powers style parody-comedy, it can't be any good.  Barbarella was very much a product of the times; a day-glow cosmic explosion resulting from the collision of both the swingin' Casino Royal aesthetic with the hippie psychedelic culture.  It would be like remaking Easy Rider or Saturday Night Fever - an exercise doomed to stupidity.

Listen to the Title Theme

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  1. Gotta LOVE retro movies! Didn't Duran Duran get their name from this?

  2. I'd love to listen to this, but as I haven't seen the movie, I wonder if it will be lost on me.

  3. My brother and I watched this over and over again when we were way too young to get what we were seeing. Definitely a product of a certain time and a remake will miss all that made this magic happen.

  4. You are absolutely right on this one.
    If they want to make a new movie based on the European cartoon then they need to change the name.
    If they are re-making this film then heaven help them. Nothing says 60s like Barbarella.

  5. There is no way this movie could ever be remade. The difference in cultures from that era and now are almost diametrically opposed. Barbarella as a character just cannot stand up to any sort of modern scrutiny. How do you pitch a heroine that succeeds despite doing nothing but screw various men and gets captured and tortured a few times. Even Austin Powers as a parody is tame and almost respectful in how it treats the subject of free love. There really is no way to poke fun at a 'sex-ecution' device that is played like a pipe organ. I like Barbarella but a modern American-Pie-ification makes me want to vomit.

  6. Apparently there was an Austrian "Barbarella Das Musical" & Vegas casinos were considering bringing it to the Strip. I was lucky to attend one of those focus groups & thought it would be a great addition for Vegas - with its campy, fun soundtrack & sexy costumes. Some old bat Republican hag in our focus group couldn't comprehend the fact that Jane Fonda would NOT be reprising her famous role for the stage. Alas, Barbarella Das Musical never made it to Vegas & neither did Debbie Does Dallas the Musical either! Shame...

    - Laura