Beatles Covers #10: Ticket to Ride

Ian McCulloch of Echo & the Bunnymen once said he'd been trying his entire music career to recreate "Ticket to Ride"; of which he called the greatest pop song of all time.  I can honestly say that it would be impossible for me to judge this song given that I have heard it thousands of times over the course of 40 plus years.  It has gone beyond being simply "overplayed" for me; it has reached a certain level of physical integration where I cannot view it without absolute bias.

Probably the most famous cover of the song is The Carpenters' melancholy version; however, there's been covers o'plenty over the years - some good, some godawful. Here's a compilation of "Ticket to Ride" covers for your listening pleasure...

(and here's a couple samples from the track list)

Alma Cogan - "Ticket To Ride"

Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra - "Ticket To Ride"

Track List

"Ticket to Ride" by...

Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra
John Keating
Bee Gees
Brian Bennett
Alma Cogan
Mal Evans Memorial Band  [song title: Vrijkaart voor twee (Ticket to ride)]
Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra
Brazilian Tropical Orchestra
The Fifth Dimension
RRSO Symphony Orchestra
The Carpenters
Vanilla Fudge
Beach Boys


  1. Cool! I can't believe you didn't include the Echo and the Bunnymen one, though! I know it was on one of those MOJO or UNCUT CD compilations a few years back and it was really good!

  2. Glad you included the Vanilla Fudge version. They rule.

  3. I love the "Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra" cover. It sounds like Lawrence Welk getting "funky."

    "nd now the lovely Lennon Sisters with Iron Man by Black Sabbath. A-one and a-two . . . . "

  4. What an unusual "Ticket To Ride" cover...this jazzy version does grow on you though.

  5. Alma Cogan did have an actual Beatles connection. She was a popular ballad singer in the UK from the 1950's through the early '60's. Her career was beginning to fade when The Beatles first hit. Against all odds, she became quite good friends with the group, especially John who loved her wicked sense of humor. She was also helpful in telling them (and Brian Epstein) who to look out for in the music business.

    She tried a comeback, aiming at the teenage audience. It didn't work, but she did get "Ticket To Ride" and I remember reading Paul McCartney was involved in the production of one of her later singles. She died not too long after that, in late 1966 from cancer.

  6. Love The Fifth Dimensions version of Ticket to ride, they also do a blinding version of The Beatles "I got a feeling".