Comic Books #29: Sinister House of Secret Love

The whole "women running from houses" thing was pretty popular in the sixties and early seventies.  You had Dark Shadows on TV, tons of bodice ripping gothic romance novels, and overriding interest in the occult.... and this DC comic series: The Sinister House of Secret Love.

This issue is from March 1971.  It's got everything you'd expect from this genre - a dark and mysterious man, the buxom babe, the gothic manor, a hint of the supernatural, etc. It's all there.  Ann Radcliffe would be pleased.

My favorite panels from this issue:

Oh, miserable fate! Something has killed my POODGE!

A little context here: Kathy is looking for her pet Poodge; only to be disturbed by the dead remains of the animal.  But it's much better out of context where it looks like our damsel in distress has been hit with an attack of violent diarrhea.  "Poo..... NO! I fought back waves of nausea..."



  1. Never heard of this comic before. They did a good job of making the cover actually look like a dime store Gothic/romance novel, didn't they?

    And those out of context panels are hilarious!

  2. Looks like Kathy found out what bears do in the woods!