Deep Thoughts #3: Of Butts and Boobs

What I’m about to say may not be suitable for kids; however, I have to share it nonetheless. It's not pornographic - you're kid's biology class is less explicit than this post. But it does deal with female anatomy, so be forewarned.  Some people are touchy about this stuff. Plus, the observation at the end is genuinely disturbing.

Fact: men are attracted by the physical nature of women. Just as with any other species, you can link a biological reason for each facet of the attraction. For instance, men are attracted to big boobs because healthy mammary glands means your offspring will be well fed.

The reason men are attracted to a big ass versus a scrawny nonexistent butt is because a big ass means good birthing hips and a healthy disposition. One more example is a woman’s pubic hair – if we weren’t wired to find that attractive, the human population would have died out long ago because this is ground zero for the continuation of your bloodline.

In the 1980s, 70s, and earlier, the ideal woman fit this description to a T. Sure, there was a brief mod phase and a Flapper phase, but that was small and fleeting. In fact, I’d go so far as saying, generally speaking, mankind has always favored this ideal of beauty.

But, of late the prevalent ideal has taken a strange turn. Suddenly, we men like our women super skinny. Marilyn Monroe and Ann-Margret would be called fat cows today. Furthermore, men now prefer the pubic region completely shaved. And this is where my theory goes gross. What does a scrawny chick with no pubic hair look like to you? Answer: a prepubescent child. WTF is going on? Do we even want to speculate?


  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    Could the preference for a shaved pubic region be a return to classic Greek beauty? check out all those old sculptures - they were smooth.

  2. I totally agree, Gilligan.
    For a while I've wondered just why the male population is seemingly going down this route?
    Are we now just in the minority? Call it minority but I call it the healthy-minded few.

    Bravo for bringing this subject up. I just hope this is a phase we will grow out of very soon.

  3. Those men driving us down that scrawny, hairless road should be driven through the village square with rocks and sticks so that everyone can point and laugh at them. That'll show 'em....

  4. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    I have heard an interesting though depressing theory on this subject.

    We are fast approaching our population's critical mass, that is, the point were humans are consuming more rapidly that the earth can produce. As it stands, in all honesty - you may want to sit down - most commercially available fish that we eat will be extinct within OUR lifetime.

    For a real shocker, Google "David Suzuki Test tube analogy", and be prepared for an unpleasant yet true explanation of where we are headed.

    That said - sex is ultimately a function of reproduction. (I'm speaking on a societal, not individual level). So, that said - given that we need to slow down the rate that we are reproducing , or we risk certain extinction, it is possible that something in our brain function has now commended the masses that what men should now find attractive is not healthy, childbearing women, but instead, scrawny, non-menstrating, not egg producing, women.

    An interesting thought, no?

  5. I think couture is the driving force behind this trend and who runs couture? Gay men and a few women. The models have boy bodies, hmmm...
    Also, designers these days are lazy. Sewing a dress for a stick figure is much easier than for a curvy dame.
    Somewhere along the way we have come to associate thin with wealth. Possibly, this has something to do with obesity being associated with a low socio-economic status.
    The media (which sadly, makes up our culture these days) is controlled by advertisements. Advertisements want us to feel as bad as possible about the impossible ideal we can achieve with their products, hence the perpetual struggle to be SKINNY.
    As far as the pre-puberty pubic region, 'erotic' film or 'pornography', is always pushing extremes because the chronic voyeur becomes desensitized easily. S/he is constantly seeking a new thrill and the ever present shaved pussy is a symptom.
    But, let us not forget, women are perpetuating the shaved pussy all by themselves. It increases sensitivity.
    Ultimately, I think the men that fall for the no t & a women are either a little gay or they blindly follow whatever popular media tells them to. I have met few men that like the stick straight look. Women are perpetuating this standard and imposing it on their peers. Women create and edit our fashion magazines after all.
    Thank you Gilligan for posting on this topic.

  6. Last girlfriend was deliciously plump, beautiful rounded butt, cushion-like breats and... no fur. I once asked her why she always shaved and her answer was that it simply was a matter of sensitivity.

  7. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    the answer they look like young boys
    who puts them in pictures ?
    the pink mafia
    Its what mike ovitz said and cost him everything

    work in hollywood and you will know its true

  8. Narrow-hipped, flat-chested, shaved-pubes skinny women are hot. It's not media telling me that, since all the media today shows overweight women - just look at most TV commercials.

  9. My other half teaches at a gym. She thinks her muscular legs and ass are something to be ashamed of. Somehow the constant desire to make love to her doesn't change her mind. I'm so proud to be standing next to her. I tell her I never thought I would be with someone so damn beautiful.

  10. Careful, G.

    "Evolutionary psychology" tends to just be somebody trying to use false analogies to explain his own preferences or random theories, and often depart reality entirely.

    "Now, see, men like cleavage because it reminds us of the butt of a woman..."

    "Red lipstick is attractive because it makes you think of engorged labia..."

    "Smaller breasts are attractive because a young mate, presumably a virgin, would be healthier, and less likely to be bearing another man's child, thus propagating your bloodline..."

  11. Long live women with curves! Let us educate men and women around us to show them the beauty of difference between men and women.
    (and check up my blog to get a glimpse at the gorgeous girls of the 70s)

  12. Ha, ha, ha..... I like that there are men that like all different types of bodies, tall, short, curvy, athletic and so on. There are beautiful women who are naturally quite slim and other women who look stunning with a bit of boob and bum. Wouldn't it be an ideal world if we could just focus on achieving a healthy body rather than a 'fashionable' body? As for the hair debate? I hate the idea that we have to have it ALL off, triple X! Men: it effin' hurts and it doesn't make you 'cleaner'. However women (and men) who have full untamed masses of hair gross me out, I'll be honest. Can the next post be about how men have changed? There is such a thing as being too 'metro-sexual'... :)

  13. Some varied and interesting comments. The 2nd anonymous makes a very intriguing point that will be on my mind for days, I'm sure.

    As far as "evolutionary psychology" being bogus, I'm not sure why you would say that. It in no way contradicts a religious perspective, since all it means is the Creator designed us to operate a certain way rather than just random pointless feelings.

    memoryman - You tell your wife to strut that ass and those healthy legs with pride. F**k the haters.

    EleCat - I simply don't think it's possible for a society to transcend beyond what's fashionable. In theory, it sounds good, but we're just not wired that way. And I agree with you on the too Metrosexual thing, although, I think that would be a great post for YOU to cover. I'd love to read what you have to say.

    As far as Greek and Roman culture. Sure the "smooth" look appeared to be "in"; however, the scrawny look was not... and those cultures became notorious for sexual predilection to prepubescent boys.

  14. AnonymousMay 25, 2011

    Hirsute women rock my world!

  15. >>>men like our women super skinny. <<<

    Not true. Men still prefer the Joan Hendricks ideal. It's women celebrities who have promoted the broomstick look because they believe eating too much is the ultimate sin -- you can lose control with drugs and alcohol and you're forgiven, but food has become the ultimate taboo.


  16. Kevin, that should be "Some men". And it's not women celebrities who have told me I should like skinny women - it's my own brain.

  17. AnonymousMay 26, 2011

    Just some two cents on the Greek sculptures - ever sculpted? Dang, it is hard to sculpt hair (and get it to look right). Much easier to simply leave it off.

  18. I've been saying the same for years!

    I'm supposed to be attracted to girls who resemble 8-year old boys?!

    No, thank you.

  19. Actually? larger breasts can often indicate potential difficulty in breastfeeding - lots of breast tissue can make sucking the milk difficult for a baby. It's not the size of the breasts - it's the structure and accessibility of the mammary ducts that affect breastfeeding...

  20. AnonymousMay 26, 2011

    The gay mafia theory doesn't hold water. Gays could "promote" the images of "boyish women" all they wanted to, but straight men are going to be aroused by what arouses them. If they hated/were repulsed by skinny women, the magazines wouldn't get purchased, the skinny women wouldn't get laid and the trend would die no matter how much gays "wanted it".

    This site attracts men who like healthy looking women, so your minds are all predisposed against those images. But there must be tons and tons of men who like anorexic shaved women with implants or else that aesthetic simply wouldn't be dominant.

  21. AnonymousMay 26, 2011

    I would just like to say that, as a woman who is naturally very thin (seriously, I've TRIED to gain weight!), it can really be hurtful to see/hear all the hating on thin women. I am by no means trying to make light of the seriousness of things like dieting obsession and eating disorders. Those are definitely serious issues in our society. I just really resent the comments like, "How could any guy like a skinny girl like that?!"

    Also, I know a lot of men who are really attracted to active and/or athletic women. This is a relatively new concept when you look back in history. Just watch any Jane Austen movie - most women spent their days embroidering fire screens and trimming bonnets.

    I don't think there are hardly any straight men in the world who wouldn't appreciate a women with "all the right curves." But, there ARE plenty of me who, when faced with the option of a thin woman with smaller curves or a curvy women with a fair bit of extra weight, would choose the thinner woman. And vice versa is true, so it all works out.

    So, love the curves to your hearts content (it's perfectly natural if you do!), but PLEASE stop hating on thin women with small/no curves, as there are some of us that don't have a choice (at least, not a non-surgical one).

    Oh, and the no hair thing is weird. I keep mine neat and trimmed, but there's no way I'm going to deal with the inconvenience and pain of completely shaving/waxing it!

  22. When I first saw the title of this post, I will admit I was a bit afraid to read it. But now I'm glad I did. As a female, I've never gotten the current trend of stripping away a significant amount of hair from the nether regions; why put up with the unnecessary pain? Reading about the debate on a women's lifestyle site, I was surprised to hear many women say they do it because their man prefers it that way. It's refreshing to hear that some guys prefer a more natural look down there.

    As far as body type goes, I was blessed with small boobs and wouldn't want it any other way. I'm happy with the way I look and feel confident that I'll find a guy who feels the same way.

  23. AnonymousMay 31, 2011

    Two observations:

    FIRST: The trend toward skinniness is driven by women, not men. Consider the old joke of 'Do these jeans make my butt look big?' That's a trapdoor lined with punji sticks, because we can't figure out how in the world 'Yes' is a wrong answer...
    Compare the magazines VOGUE and MAXIM. Those lovely ladies in MAXIM would never in one million years make it into the fashion magazines. And no man has ever [email protected]¢ked off over the pages of VOGUE.

    SECOND: the shaving thing- it's a big world, and everybody has their thing that they dig, and if bµ5h is what moves you, that's totally cool... but I'd say, don't knock it 'til YOU've tried it. Yes, sensitivity IS an issue. And fellas, that line about 'Shave, and gain a Visual Inch' is completely true ('Is THAT where that's been HIDING?').

  24. I dated a girl back in the spring of 2000 who had a 1970's bush. Getting thru that mound was like hacking thru the jungle with a machete. She had a decent body. Definitely not a skeleton.

    I like it bald or at least tamed. I keep trying to convince my wife to shave but she won't. Complains of ingrown hairs. I shave and I don't mean just my face. Have yet to have an ingrown hair.

    Bald is beautiful! :)

  25. Myself and several of my friends have jerked off to VOGUE; it was one of the few magazines you could get without asking for it from behind the counter or going into a back room that actually had nudity from time to time. Especially, bare butts, and bare breasts..