Mini Skirt Monday #73: Minis in Your Lap

Looking at the definition of miniskirt in the Urban Dictionary makes me realize that this American culture is just not ready to handle the miniskirt.  Most of the definitions correlate the mini with being a slut.... how truly sad.  This pathetic mentality is either due to an increasingly Puritanical sensibility or a deep and abiding sexism prevalent in our culture.... or both.  How sad that a hemline above the knee can cause such disdain.

Well, not here.  At Retrospace the mini skirt is heralded as the symbol of all that is good and wonderful in the world. Today, well counter those anti-miniskirt bastards with pictures of minis getting the love they deserve.... in a lap.  To all those haters out there, show the mini some love.

Click on the images to enlarge

Hey, hey, hey, hey!! Easy there partner.  This is a post about mini LOVE.


  1. AnonymousMay 10, 2011

    I'll take the one in the brown leather skirt and vest. :)

    One of these young men has seen "McLintock" too many times.

  2. AnonymousMay 11, 2011

    1st photo from the top: "Careful I've seen her monkey and you could get lost in its folds". 2nd photo from the top: WTF? Third from from the top "My date with Ed Gein".

  3. "OK, I'll sit on your lap, but my mother has to be close by!"